Only Love – Cardio Dance Warm Up Video

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Shaggy - Only Love Where else can you burn up to 800 calories an hour while dancing with friends and to good music? Cardio Dance/Zumba at Bootique Fitness is where all the magic happens! While you will feel magical, the calorie burn and energy you get is all you! Not only will you lose calories, weight, and inches, you will [...]

Get Your Money Up. Dance Fitness Style

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Get Your Money Up - Keri Hilson If you ever feel like giving off a little attitude, this song gives you the perfect platform. Come shake it in our Dance Fitness Party class and listen to Keri: Stop, now let me see your booty drop! San Diego Cardio Dance Fitness Classes You've probably heard of Zumba - the Latin-inspired dance [...]

Burn It Up With Miss Jackson Dance Fitness

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Burn It Up - Janet Jackson Janet and Missy Elliot! That's a powerful combination and we love it! In our Dance Fitness Party class where there aren't any dance judges, we love to dance like no one's watching! "When the DJ play this we gon' dance like no one's watching Hey Mr DJ bump the track and won't you turn [...]

Undefeated Dance Fitness Party Warm Up

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Undefeated - Jason Derulo Jason Derulo has his share of racy lyrics but this song promotes a great positive message. Perfect for getting our Dance Fitness Party warmed up and ready to move. "No looking back can’t live that way, right now, ow Yesterday’s gone, I’ve found my way somehow, ow So I’ma get up and dance, you know Cause [...]

Dance Fitness Party Video For Pa Que Baile

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Pa Que Baile - Blad MC Why Take A Dance Fitness Class? Even though the New Year hurrah is practically over, we are still living busy and sometimes stressful lives. Work, family, social obligations or even dealing with an emptier schedule than normal can be overwhelming. This is why Zumba Inspired Cardio Dance Party is such a great outlet for [...]

One Love For Dance Fitness Party

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One - U2 Featuring Mary J Blige Who doesn’t want to go to a party where you can dance and burn more calories than most cardio sessions?! Think about the opportunity, four times a week, to dance, get in an amazing workout, and not have to think about the day or the week ahead. Being in the moment and having [...]

Dance Party Fitness Video for Love Machine

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Love Machine - Franco El Gorila Success in fitness comes when we find something we truly love to do. Are you still searching for that type of workout that doesn’t seem like a workout? Dance Fitness Party with Bootique is what you’ve been looking for! You are literally "going out dancing with your friends" four times a week. You’re not [...]

Holiday Zumba Dance Fitness Party Full Workout Playlist

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Traveling this holiday? Or just too busy to make it your regular dance fitness workouts? We've put together a complete workout playlist for you. Follow along, burn off those holiday calories and have a great time! Anyone can dance - including you! Complete Zumba Dance Fitness Class Workout Playlist Click the link to go directly to the song. Here It [...]

Dance Fitness Video for Sorry by Justin Bieber

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Sorry - Justin Bieber You’ve heard about Zumba and Dance Cardio Fitness for months, maybe even years. Maybe you’ve been reluctant to come in; maybe you’ve been meaning to, or you feel a little intimidated. The reasons to try Zumba definitely outweigh the reasons not to. More calories burned in one hour of Zumba than the same amount of time [...]

Cardio Dance Fitness San Diego for Little Bit

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Just A Little Bit - Destra Garcia - Soca Music Have you hit a plateau in your fitness progress or just lack excitement in your workouts? Bootique’s Dance Cardio Fitness class is your prescription for these plateaus and boredom. You might be doing other cardio like running, bicycle, or other great workouts, but your body is so used to the [...]