San Diego Zumba – Current Playlist Songs

San Diego Zumba – Current Playlist Songs

Songs we are dancing to in our San Diego Zumba classes

Here’s a list of the songs we are dancing to at Zumba. I know a lot of our regulars like to make up code words to describe their favorite songs. Feel free to add you own code words in the comments section.

Zumba songs

I’ve linked videos to the ones we’ve recorded. This is not an exhaustive list but it’s what we’ve been dancing to lately.

Can’t Hold Us (pop)
Aint Nobody (pop)
Sexy Bam Bam (soca)
Rikytona (reggaeton)
Pegadito Suavecito (latin pop)
Dekole (world)
Ice Ice Baby (salsa)
Subete En La Guagua (merengue)
Quítate La Ropa (Latin pop)
Limbo (Latin pop)
Fantasma (reggaeton)
Footloose (pop)
Sexy Back (pop)
Champion (soca)
Locked Out of Heaven (pop)
I Cry (pop)
Pasarela (reggaeton)
This Is Love (warm up)
Come To Meh (soca)
Senorita (salsa)
Sube Las Manos Arriba (Latin pop)
Pegate Mas (Latin pop)
Lovumba (Latin pop)
El Amor, El Amor (merengue)
Esa Morena (merengue)
La Mujer Perfecta (merengue)
Conteo (reggaeton)
Bailalo Pegao (reggaeton)
Bailando Por Ahi (reggaeton)
Bata Bata (reggaeton)
Rakata (reggaeton)
Somos De Calle (reggaeton)
Feel Like Dancing (salsa)
Estan Locos (salsa)
Krazy (pop)
Hey Ya (pop)
Runaway Baby (pop)
Blow (pop)
Scream (pop)
Hey Baby (pop)
Thrift Shop (pop)
Goin’ In ft. Flo Rida (pop)
Back In Time (pop)
Dirty Situation (pop)
Starships (pop)
Gangnam Style (pop)
Give Me Everything (Tonight) (pop)
Boom Boom Mama (pop)
Bumpy Ride (pop)
Coconut Tree (pop)
Club Can’t Handle Me (pop)
Night Of Your Life (pop)
Wherever Whenever (pop)
Mi Cama Huele A Ti (reggaeton)
Madinina Kuduro (soca)
Baila Zumba (soca)
Can’t Wait (soca)
Free It Up (soca)
Bacchanal (soca)
Ula Ula (world)
Masha Dia (world)
The Trip (world)
Hasta Que Salga El Sol (world)
Sexy – Les Jumo (world)
Balada Boa (world)
Meneando la Cintura (world)
Zoomer (world)

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