Rock climbing has become a popular San Diego fitness activity.

With more venues offering a rock wall and various locations for outdoor climbing, strapping up has never been more easy or beneficial for San Diego’s fitness community.

Check out these locations for some of the best rock climbing in San Diego County. Many are appropriate for all levels of fitness. Mission Gorge, which is one of the oldest rock climbing locations in San Diego. Other great locations include: Corte Madera, El Cajon Mountains, and Carlsbad Boulders for outdoor spots. Otherwise give these indoor venues a chance: SDSU ARC Climbing Wall, Solid Rock Gym, and Outback Climbing Center. The indoor locations are especially good if you are just starting your rock climbing fitness journey.

The Hottest Fitness Activity in San Diego County: Rock Climbing

As this sport continues to grow in popularity in our beautiful county, we find it to be a great way to spice up your workout routine and strengthen your body from head to toe. If you are a beginner, it may seem a bit intimidating but stick with it and you will begin to see the benefits. Besides, it is something different from your average workout routine and will definitely get your heart racing.