Diva Dash 6 Week Training Program

This program is designed to get you ready to excel through the fantastic Diva Dash Women-Only Adventure Obstacle Run. SAVE $5! Register online with coupon code “SDjaylin” at Diva Dash.

Bring your favorite gals to the SHAPE Diva Dash in San Diego on March 23rd. This women-only adventure-obstacle run features a 3-mile course dotted with fun obstacles that’ll test your strength, balance, speed, flexibility, and agility.

Bootique Fitness has designed a 6 week training program to get you ready for the Diva Dash!

This is a 4 day a week program. For 3 days a week, you’ll be cross-training and plan for 1 day of running. If you have time, add the core training video and more running days to your workout, but do not eliminate the cross-training days.

Here is a sample layout of your Diva Dash training program:

Day 1: (Monday) Bootique Fitness Cross Training Video

Day 2: (Tuesday) Running Day

Day 3: (Wednesday) Rest

Day 4: (Thursday) Bootique Fitness Cross Training Video

Day 5: (Friday) Rest

Day 6: (Saturday) Bootique Fitness Core Training Video

Day 7: (Sunday) Rest

Bootique Fitness members can substitute any of these workouts with our boot camp classes.

Before starting any of these workouts, always warm up first. Warming up your body is essential for preparing your body for the workout your about to do. After each workout session, cool down and stretch out. Completing your warm up and cool down will be very helpful in preventing injuries and getting you into great shape for the Diva Dash in San Diego.

Day 1: Bootique Fitness Cross Training Video

(click the above title to get the video) This is a timed circuit to workout your whole body in both strength and cardio exercises. You’ll do the strength exercises for 1 minunte and follow them with the cardio exercises for 30 seconds. There are 8 exercises total and 1 round will take 8 minutes to complete. After you complete a round, rest for 30-60 seconds and then repeat for a total of 3-6 rounds.

To keep time, we use a interval timer. Set the first timer to 60 seconds and the second timer to 30 seconds.

Diva Dash Training Exercise #1: Wide push ups
Diva Dash Training Exercise #2: Squat jumps
Diva Dash Training Exercise #3: Alternate reverse lunges
Diva Dash Training Exercise #4: Mountain climbers
Diva Dash Training Exercise #5: Triceps push ups
Diva Dash Training Exercise #6: Plank jacks
Diva Dash Training Exercise #7: Step out squats
Diva Dash Training Exercise #8: Ice skaters

Day 2: Running Day

You will alternate this workout every other week – one week of distance training and one week of interval training.

Week 1: You’ll do a distance training run. You’re goal here is 3 miles in 30 minutes by the end of 6 weeks. You’ll want to run for at least 30 minutes each session, increasing your speed each week to increase the distance you run. If you need to, start with a run/walk interval program but be sure to go for 30 minutes – running as often as you can.

Week 2: You’ll do an interval training workout. For these intervals, you’ll keep the running portion quick and fast (sprint) and use the walking portion to recover. Time yourself for 30 seconds of running as fast as you can and take up to 2½ minutes of walking recovery time. Repeat these intervals for 20-30 minutes.

Weeks 3 & 5: You’ll repeat the distance running workout like week 1. Each week try to improve your speed by covering more distance in less time. Run for at least 3 miles or 30 minutes.

Weeks 4 & 6: You’ll repeat the interval workout like week 2. Each week try to reduce your recovery time. Keep your sprints at 30 seconds as fast as possible and try to reduce your recovery time down to 1 minute. Repeat for 20-30 minutes.

Day 4: Bootique Fitness Cross Training Video

(click the above title to get the video) This strength and conditioning circuit is based on counting reps. There are 5 exercises total and you’ll do each exercise for 15 reps. Continue to repeat this circuit as many times as possible for 20-40 minutes. Take rest when you need but keep it short.

Diva Dash Training Exercise #1: Squat and a ½
Diva Dash Training Exercise #2: Push ups with alternating knee in
Diva Dash Training Exercise #3: Squat thrusts
Diva Dash Training Exercise #4: Walking lunge
Diva Dash Training Exercise #5: Superwoman

Day 6: Bootique Fitness Core Training Video

(click the above title to get the video) There are 5 core exercises for this workout. Do each exercise for 30-60 seconds.

Diva Dash Core Exercise #1: Side plank left
Diva Dash Core Exercise #2: Side plank right
Diva Dash Core Exercise #3: Plank
Diva Dash Core Exercise #4: Wide scissors
Diva Dash Core Exercise #5: Lock and release

There you have it! Follow this program for the 6 weeks leading up to your Diva Dash race in March and you will conquer those obstacles with ease!