More Than Just the Run

Whether you run in races or just for exercise, there is more to running training programs than just, well, running. Many runners think that all they should do is run, especially when training. What the running community needs to be more aware of is incorporating strength training into their running routine! Not only can strength training for runners be good for preventing injury (increases flexibility and strengthens muscles), but can improve your overall running performance! Let’s “run” through the details.

Run It Off?

Running can put such a strain on knees, legs, and feet, it’s important to strengthen your muscles and bones to prevent injury. Bodyweight exercise done in Bootique such as planks (for your core), variations of squats, and hip strengtheners will help decrease the impact running has on your body as a whole. The weaker your muscles are, the easier it’ll be for you to get injured. Don’t just run off those injuries, prevent them with a stronger you!

Building Blocks

If you are a pro at running, it doesn’t mean you are advanced with weight-lifting or bodyweight exercises. Make sure to start off right! With a boot camp like Bootique, trainers will assess where you are at and take you to your highest potential to help build strong, lean muscle. They can also provide you with modifications if you do have an injury, and can help you work through it. Before you know it, your athletic performance, whether it’s running or doing those burpees, will increase; and your injuries from running will decrease.

Although strength training will improve and enhance your athletic performance on your runs, don’t forget all the other benefits! Less chance of injury, stronger bones, controls weight, and can help with chronic conditions like back problems and arthritis. Some research also suggests it helps control and prevent diabetes. Building muscles isn’t just for a race; it’s for the long run!

Run with Ro

Our trainer, affectionately known as Pale-E-Ro, teaches the Saturday morning boot camps. Stick around after to go running with Ro around Mission Bay. Our Bootique’ers are running the Dash N Dine 5K tomorrow in the Gaslamp… what will they train for next??