The Performance of a Lifetime

Becoming healthy is a huge event in our lives; but we can sometimes treat it like a chore. Instead of really preparing for our “roles” as healthy, athletic people, we expect it to just happen without practice.

This path to health includes: planning, practice (rehearsing), and execution. Just like rehearing for a play, you need time and preparation, as well as your “supporting actors”; your active support system in place. With all these parts that need to be filled, your plan of action can start now!

Weight Loss Success: The Planning

As in anything you are planning in your life, making an actual list of things you need to get done is extremely applicable for fitness and weight loss planning.

First things first, what are your goals? Do you want to be stronger? More toned? Lose weight?

Answering these questions will help you in making your list of priorities.

Just like writing down your lines for the play or memorizing your parts, this same ritual will be used for health! Write down your goals, the list of people who can keep you accountable and who will be supportive (friends, family, personal trainers, workout buddies), and get them involved in your plans.

Write down your schedule for the next two to three months. Big events, the kids’ school and activity schedules, your work schedule, and anything planned on the weekends. This will help you see where you will plug in workouts and when you need to plan for healthy snacks and meals on the go. Whether you write something in a journal, online, or record on an app from your phone, just start planning!

Weight Loss Success: Dress Rehearsal

So you have your plan, you’ve memorized your lines, and you’re ready to take it into action – practice begins!

Practice replacing your sugary drinks for water or club soda. Slowly introduce more greens onto your plate at each meal. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to track your food and exercise.

Remember, this is the rehearsal; you are bound to slip up a little or forget “your lines”. An unexpected event or emotion will come up while you are rehearsing, and that’s ok – that is was this is for! Learn from the slip; you had a deadline at work and started stress eating or you were so hungry and didn’t have healthy option in your car or at home.

These scenarios only make you more prepared and will help your new healthy choices become a habit for life!

Weight Loss Success: Opening Night

It’s a new week and you are ready to go! You’ve scheduled your workout, your meals are all packed, measured and ready to go, and you feel ready; but you also feel nervous. That’s ok! If you aren’t a little bit nervous and excited, then you probably aren’t as ready as you should be.

Trust yourself that you have spent time and energy to prepare yourself for this big step to get healthy. Have your support team on hand if you need an encouraging email or text. Talk to your trainer or workout buddy if you’re feeling discouraged. When we make changes in our routine, even good ones, emotions can come up. Remember you’ve been practicing and preparing as much as you can, and even if you slip (which happens!) you know how to recover and keep going.

Just like the greatest actors flub up a line, they keep going and keep being actors. Put on your workout clothes, grab your healthy snacks, and step out on stage – you’re going to shine!