These sneakers will tone my bottom?

You may have seen those ads on television for the sneakers that are supposed to do wonders for your bottom. The claims in the ads would have you believe that just walking in those silly-looking shoes will be the key to a better butt “one step at a time.” However, is that really true or is it a gimmick designed to make money?

Reebok was forced to pay a settlement of $25 million to customers over the health claims it made about the unique Easy Tone style sneakers.

That’s only 2.5% of the 1 billion dollars they made on toning sales last year. Reebok claimed that with every step taken, your legs and glutes would be sculpted and you’d be on your way to a fabulous bottom. However, when put to the test, the EasyTone shoes failed to deliver on the claims advertised by Reebok. According to the New York Times, Reebok agreed to the settlement without admitting that their EasyTone technology didn’t work.

Just another gimmick!

Is that really a surprise though? There have been so many products that been marketed as “health aids” and in reality, they were nothing more than a company’s attempt to gain more revenue. This is no different. The true way to sculpt your legs, thighs and bottom is as it’s always been…through diet and exercise.

Marketing department employees of various companies are paid handsomely to get your hard earned money for products that may not deliver on promises of performance. Instead of throwing your cash into something that isn’t proven to have any substantial fitness results, why not invest that money in yourself? You already know the best way to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle is through a balanced diet and regular exercise. By making the choice to focus on fitness as a way to change your life for the better, you will be making an investment in yourself that will be rewarding and satisfying in many ways.

It’s nice when a product can do what ad execs lead you to believe it can. However, as witnessed with the Easy Tone shoe by Reebok, that doesn’t always happen. When it comes to your health and fitness, don’t take chances. Get results! Be sure the visit the Bootique Fitness website to get more information on how to sign up for the semi-private personal training sessions. We’ll see you in class!