Have yourself a happy, healthy Christmas.

With treats, drinks, and candy galore floating around the office it is easy to snag a kiss, Hershey that is, every time you meander to the copy machine. This holiday season, we are supplying you with some helpful tips on how to avoid that extra winter-coat courtesy of yummy goodies.

4 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

1. Don’t get distracted

Just keep walking when you see that glimmering candy bowl reflecting the red and silver foil wrappers. It looks enticing and friendly, but those chocolate, sugar-ridden balls of fun are not what you are craving. The running around, crazy daily schedule created by the rush of the holidays often leaves us short on time to pack snacks or lunch in the morning. When hunger strikes try grabbing a handful of almonds and dried cranberries or a banana with some peanut butter. A protein packed snack with a little natural sugar from the fruit will satisfy your hunger, sustain you until your next meal, and will not send you crashing later from the sugar high.

2. Don’t fight for parking

Park a little further! When the mall traffic is forcing you to circle and circle and circle for a free parking spot, settle for the open slots in the back lot. Parking lot etiquette is lost at this time of the year despite the feel-good reason of the season, so instead of dropping yourself into the stressful situation, simply drive away, find an open spot in the back, enjoy the crisp, winter air and burn a few extra calories. In the end, you will probably be inside sooner and better for it!

3. Satisfy your salt craving safely

Can-o-Deliciousness…you know what I’m talking about…that ginormous can of tri-popcorn—caramel, cheese, and butter—it’s awesome, but HUGE and loaded with crazy cals. Instead of reaching handful after handful of that addicting, cholesterol-dripping snack, pop your own bag! Try the 200-calorie snack packs and get the crunch and saltiness you are expecting without the added pounds.

4. Don’t even try to skip all desserts

So. Many. Desserts. It’s tough, VERY tough this time of year to steer clear of the sweets. Everywhere you look there are cookies, pies, and cakes. A simple recipe for success when navigating the dessert tray is this: fruit, dark chocolate, and peppermint. Fruit is obvious; it has sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth, but will not push you over your calorie intake for the day. Dark chocolate is packed with anti-oxidants and is good for proper heart function. However, moderation is still important. Finally, peppermint has healthy benefits like soothing indigestion and helping the fight against colds and flus. Perfect for the winter months!

Most importantly this season, have fun! It is a beautiful time of year and it is more health beneficial to enjoy it than to stress out over every little detail or morsel of food you are ingesting. Be smart and aware of what you are putting into your body, keep moving, and remember to bring joy to those around you.