The new year is just around the corner, and with it, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) surveys what’s hot and what’s not in the fitness industry as well as their professional opinion on what’s next for fitness.

The No. 1 trend for 2015? Body weight training.

Our San Diego Personal Trainers have the new workout trends for 2015 to keep you motivated and having fun! What better time to join the crowd and see what these workouts can do you for your fitness? As always, Bootique Fitness is ahead of the trend by already bringing you these workouts! What lies ahead for the new year?

Body Weight Training

‘Weight for It…’

Bootique Fitness and its San Diego Personal Trainers have been using unique and effective body weight techniques to burn calories and build lean muscle for our clients. A tabata of burpess in lieu of jogging on a treadmill, spiderman planks, and good old-fashioned push-ups will keep your body lean and mean! No need for extra weights when your body was made for these workouts. San Diego Personal Trainers and Bootique Fitness will guide you to use your body as the workout machine it was meant to be!

High-Intensity Interval Training – (HIIT)

HIIT Me With Your Best Shot!

If you have trained with Bootique and its San Diego Personal Trainers, then you know how much they “HIIT” you with this workout style. Whether it’s a round of tabatas, circuit training, or sprints, these trainers know interval training. Why HIIT? Short bursts of cardiovascular exercise followed by a small rest has been shown to improve metabolism and increase fat burning. Along with body weight training, HIIT works from the inside out by burning fat instead of muscle while reaping the benefits of overall fitness. Let’s HIIT it!

Gettin’ Personal I – Personal Training 1-on-1

Though you are doing all the mental and physical work to get fit, San Diego Personal Trainers can get you through those plateaus, pitfalls, and keep you motivated. Another perk? You will learn how to do your exercises correctly which will not only reduce your chance of injury, but will ensure you are making the most of your workout and increasing your fitness. In a workout slump? San Diego Personal Trainers will hold you accountable and offer support, making your fitness journey the best it can be. Why keep trying every year to change your workout routine and get healthy without the help? San Diego Personal Trainers and Bootique Fitness will help you hit all your goals.

Gettin’ Personal II – Group Style!

With Bootique and San Diego Personal Trainers, Group Training has always been a staple! Group Personal Training is a boot camp style, high intensity circuit workout that will make you and your workout buddies sweat! In a group setting to help motivate you and encourage support, you still get the personal attention you need in a personal trainer!


Yoga is so important for adding balance to life. We now offer yoga at two locations! Take it inside or outside, yoga is a great exercise to mentally relax and unwind while at the same time, building muscle, gaining strength, and increasing flexibility. Yoga is a workout for the ages – literally. This exercise will be something we can physically do for prevention or the rest of our days.

With the new year just around the corner, start ahead of the trend with these popular workouts. Bootique Fitness and San Diego Personal Trainers will help you keep your resolutions and fitness goals all year long! Here’s to 2015!