So you’re coming to see us for the first time…

We know that it can feel really uncomfortable when you start something new, something you’re not familiar with. I’d like to reassure you that our program is completely welcoming and not the least bit intimidating by laying out what to expect on your first day.

Taking extra precautions among COVID-19

We are happy to provide you with a safe option to get fit and enjoy San Diego’s beautiful parks. We have implemented the following precautions.

  • We will maintain at least 6 feet of separation from each other.
  • We will not be sharing any equipment or contacting any shared items.
  • Everyone is advised to stay home if they are not feeling well.

Your first Bootique workout:

  1. You may choose from any of our classes to get started.
  2. Our outdoor fitness classes for women are 45 minutes long and usually feels like half that time. (seriously, it goes by FAST!)
  3. Since most of our classes are outdoors, we have specific location pages on our website complete with directions, parking and landmarks to show you how to find us easily.
  4. Be sure to have a little something in your system before you workout. For tips, see our blog.
  5. Come to your first class at least 5 minutes early so you can meet the trainer, turn in your signed liability form and get introduced to our other members.
  6. Your trainer will have the workout set up for you so there’s very little you need to think about. Just bring a yoga mat (or large towel), water, and a pair of dumbbells unless you are choosing to use bodyweight only. Most people start with 8-15 lb dumbbells. (During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not bring out equipment.)
  7. While we vary the workouts each time so it’s impossible to get bored, you’ll always get a complete workout so that you move towards your fitness and weight loss goals quicker than ever before.
  8. Your trainer will show you how to do each exercise as well as any modifications you may need to meet your fitness level. Everyone in class will be working at different fitness levels so you are sure to fit in, no matter where you start from. We have modifications for everyone. 🙂
  9. At the end of class, we’ll cool down, stretch and celebrate the amazing work you just completed. We can answer any of your questions but there will be absolutely no pressure to join us.
  10. And finally, come excited and ready to play – you’re about to make a huge impact on your life!

Still have questions about starting your free trial?

No worries. We can answer them all. Contact Jaylin, owner of Bootique Fitness:

Phone/Text: 619.602.8087
Email: jaylin@bootiquefitness.com

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What Everyone’s Saying:

I was so tired of beating myself up over how I looked. I needed an expert to just tell me what to do. That is exactly what I got…These guys are trained and understand muscles and nutrition and how to put it all together. I’m so happy I found them.

Melissa G, on Boot Camp
Jaylin takes this seriously, and what I love about Bootique Fitness is that I am not a number, or a check etc. They know my name, they reach out to me, and they help me come up with workout plans when I am on the road for my job. They give me my money’s worth and I am forever grateful. They really do care about your success.
Janet D, on Boot Camp
Seriously, this was the best Zumba® class I have ever taken. The music was all upbeat, the moves were not complex but targeted all the right body parts, and the atmosphere was cozy.
Nikki G, on Dance Fitness
Bootique Fitness is the real deal for any woman trying to better herself. It is a very fun and rewarding atmosphere. Absolutely worth every penny.
Jamah D, on Boot Camp
The thing about Jaylin is that she always creates a really safe space for you to have fun, not feel judged, and work at your own level. That was the most distinguishing factor about her Boot Camp, and it’s carried through to this Zumba® class too. The enthusiasm is infectious; it really is more like being at a party than exercising.
Jessica P, on Dance Fitness

Other Cool Things to Know About Us:

  1. We help keep you motivated by playing fun music and making sure you’re doing each exercise safely.
    We’re super-friendly, know your name, and you’ll easily meet new people here.
  2. We don’t just work out together, we find cool community things to do each month (like paddle boarding ) and will always invite you and your loved ones to participate with us.
  3. Your priority is getting fit and not getting hurt. Our priority is the same. This is why we always we always encourage you to work at your own level – whether that’s as someone just starting on their fitness journey or someone that is in top physical shape.
  4. We look for little ways to make you smile. That’s super important.
  5. We offer nutritional guidance or measurements before almost every session so you have the exact support you need when you want it most.

Here’s What to Do Next: