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Tips To Be Ready for your Workout


We’re really looking forward to meeting you! After all, you are going to be learning some pretty incredible things during this class and your subsequent fitness program.

Our expert instructors will have you wishing you knew about this sooner! During your program, you will discover:

* How to maximize your time to get the most results
* Easy ways to use just your body weight and a few “toys” to get an incredible workout
* The best way to train for rapid fat loss and fitness

I just wanted to share some quick and easy tips with you that will make this absolutely amazing.

First, remember to show up about 5 minutes early your first day so we can go through the pre-game stuff and get you introduced to some of the other members.

OK. This is super-important. DO NOT come on an empty stomach. Here are some great ideas about what to eat before your personal training group session

If you have a chance, read this Special Report: What To Never Eat After Your Workout. That report also covers pre-workout nutrition. 🙂

And finally, come excited and ready to work – you’re about to make a huge improvement in your life!

A couple other quick reminders:

So, whatever it takes, plan to be there.

Get excited – because you’re about to get started with the best fitness program in San Diego! I GUARANTEE IT!!

Still have questions about your free trial?

No worries. We can answer them all. See our most Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact Jaylin at 619.602.8087.

What Everyone’s Saying

I was so tired of beating myself up over how I looked. I needed an expert to just tell me what to do. That is exactly what I got…These guys are trained and understand muscles and nutrition and how to put it all together. I’m so happy I found them.
Melissa G, on Boot Camp
Jaylin takes this seriously, and what I love about Bootique Fitness is that I am not a number, or a check etc. They know my name, they reach out to me, and they help me come up with workout plans when I am on the road for my job. They give me my money’s worth and I am forever grateful. They really do care about your success.
Janet D, on Boot Camp
Seriously, this was the best Zumba® class I have ever taken. The music was all upbeat, the moves were not complex but targeted all the right body parts, and the atmosphere was cozy.
Nikki G, on Dance Fitness
Bootique Fitness is the real deal for any woman trying to better herself. It is a very fun and rewarding atmosphere. Absolutely worth every penny.
Jamah D, on Boot Camp
The thing about Jaylin is that she always creates a really safe space for you to have fun, not feel judged, and work at your own level. That was the most distinguishing factor about her Boot Camp, and it’s carried through to this Zumba® class too. The enthusiasm is infectious; it really is more like being at a party than exercising.
Jessica P, on Dance Fitness