Zumba – Perros Salvajes

Perros Salvajes (Daddy Yankee)

Daddy Yankee has one of those great ‘everything happens for a reason stories’.

Yankee (born Raymond Ayala) was grew up with a dream of playing professional baseball for the NY Yankees. Instead, when he was 16, he caught a stray bullet to his hip which took over a year of recovery in the hospital and is still in there today.

On a positive note, he says he’s not bitter about being shot. That experience is the reason he takes his music seriously. It’s the reason he has become the biggest-selling reggaeton artist today.

“I thank God for that bullet,” he says. “At that time, I didn’t understand it. But right now, I give thanks to that bullet. That bullet made me be focused in music, because I didn’t have any [other] options — it was music or music, you know? I was so determined not to fail, and that attitude got me to this point.”

Feel the Music

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