A partnership with Bootique Fitness means reaching more of your target audience without spending a dime. We have many ways of promoting you and a selection of options for you to choose your level of involvement. The majority of our clientele are women ages 25-50, with professional jobs, disposable income and a desire to look and feel incredible.

This partnership program was created to add value to our clients and promote high-quality San Diego small businesses. For that reason, we can only accept the best of the best.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Bootique Fitness Network: 225 active clients weekly; 3,500 email list & 12,000 social media contacts.


Getting listed on our website not only gives you added exposure to the market, it also helps prospective clients find you on the internet by boosting your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking (placement on Google, Yahoo, etc) when linked with our high ranking site. Linking sites will improve both of our search engine rankings. We have 3 ways to list you on our website:

Bootique Perks – Offer our clients a discounted incentive. Perks are generally 10-20% off services or a special offer. You get to choose your offer.

Bootique Rewards – These rewards are given to our clients who are referring clients to us. Generally, a client who refers to one company will refer to another – so we reward our clients with gift certificates to our partners.

Featured Blog – We will write a specific blog on your company to gain extra exposure. We promote our blog via email and social media connections for a wide reaching audience.

5 Star Reviews – Reviews are great for our prospects to see and for SEO ranking. After experiencing each other’s services, we will help build your online reputation by sharing 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google.


Welcome Packets – Every new client received a welcome packet. We are known for being a complete resource for our clients so they really appreciate when we help them find great providers. Get in front of them as soon as they sign up by adding your brochure/postcard.

Special Events – We host a number of events (client appreciation parties, charity fundraisers…). We often offer raffles and demos at the events which can include your services. We can also co-host a fundraiser with you for the charity of your choice and offer raffle prizes for your event.


Word-of-Mouth Exposure – We are in front of clients everyday casually talking about our partners and creating a buzz.

Referral Gifts – Save out of pocket expense by giving your clients the gift of Bootique Fitness. We can provide gift certificates to for you to give to your clients in exchange for equal trade.

Share Promotions – We will share your promotions with our network and send you our promotions to share with yours.

Earn Rewards – We’ll pay you $50 for every new member you refer to us!

Bootique Partner Options

Acceptance as a Bootique Partner means that you receive marketing and services with no out-of-pocket expense to you. All of our partnership programs are based on trading services.

We highly recommend that our partners become members. This is incredible exposure. It is THE BEST way for us to promote you and for our clients to become your clients.

Choose your level of partnership

Membership: Yes ($2700 value)Membership: Yes ($2700 value)

Exclusivity: Yes – You will be the only stylist in your part of San Diego Exclusivity: No – We may include more stylists in your part of San Diego
Term: 1 year Term: 1 year
You give us: 22 gift certificates ($100 value each) You give us: 16 gift certificates ($100 value each)
We give you: 10 passes for 2 weeks of membership to give to your clients and friends We give you: 6 passes for 2 weeks of membership to give to your clients and friends

Explaining terms

Membership: Includes unlimited access for you to all of our group fitness classes: Personal Training Group, Dance Fitness and Yoga as well as other membership features like private motivational coaching, nutritional coaching, meal plans, body composition assessments, accountability check-ins and more…

Exclusivity: Determines whether or not you will be the only provider of your type in your neighborhood. With exclusivity means that we will not allow another competing partner in your neighborhood. Without exclusivity, we reserve the right to include other services like yours in your neighborhood.

You Give: Gift certificates are calculated at $100 each. You provide us with gift certificates to give to our clients and staff in exchange for participating in our partnership program. Denominations of gift certificates may vary but equal total trade amount.

We Give: 2 Week passes are valued at $149 and valid for unlimited access to all of our group fitness classes: Personal Training Group, Dance Fitness and Yoga. We provide you with these passes for you to give to your clients as gifts.

How to Become a Partner

Contact Jaylin, Founder of Bootique Fitness.

Cell: 619.602.8087