So many times, those who want to get in shape, lose weight, or obtain overall health, try and do this life changing event alone. Think about all the positive changes in your life and skills you have learned along the way. How many of these were done completely alone? In most cases, this answer is zero. Having support, accountability, and another person to help you on your journey is not being undisciplined or weak, it’s imperative! Look at all the ways having someone to hold your hand on this path to health is the only way to go.
6 am workout? No problem!

Yes, with a workout buddy (or buddies!) meeting up at 6 am or 6 pm will be easy peasy. You’re way more likely to show up and give effort into a good workout than if you planned this workout alone. Your buddy is waiting on YOU, and you are not the type of woman to flake (on yourself or anyone else!). Set up a google calendar that you and your buddy share to keep track of your workouts (i.e. when, where, etc…). With reminders to your phone and check in texts, you’re off to a consistent workout schedule that you know you will show up to.

Is That Sweat?

Don’t get me wrong. Many of us work hard at solo workouts – running, swimming, or a tough workout at home. But, when you are exercising with someone else, the competitor in you kicks in! You will run faster and longer, swim with more intensity, and do more push ups than you would if you worked out alone – which means more calories burned! With this in mind, we won’t always be able to have someone to work out with; maybe a schedule conflict, work, or things come up. Don’t let this deter you from a workout! Sign up for a free or a low cost app through your phone or workout devices like Fit Bits. You can sign up and compete and work out with people from all around the country. Log your times and workouts in, and you can see how your virtual workout buddy did too. You’re never fully alone with the workouts!

Let It Go

Another nice perk when working out with a buddy? You can blow off steam physically and emotionally/mentally! Had a bad day at work? Frustrated at home or with your healthy eating? Your workout buddy knows exactly what you are going through. You will help each other talk it through while burning extra calories. No more sitting down having a sedentary venting session (while drinking or eating something!!). Try a boxing class together to hit the bags, go for a jog, take a long walk, or a nice hike. However you do it, the talk will help take your mind off the stress, and the exercise aids in that tension as well.

No matter how you slice it, having someone involved in your workouts and healthy lifestyle is the best way to get to your goals. Make a list of some exercises and classes, like Bootique classes, to sign up for and bring your buddy. Can’t think of anyone to pair up with? Lucky for you Bootique Fitness already comes with plenty of workout buddies (and fitness trainers) to keep you accountable and to help achieve all your fitness goals. Work together and see yourself change for the good!