My life took off in a new direction the summer I met Jaylin. For many years, I had found every possible excuse not to keep a regular exercise routine: I hate gyms, I am too busy, my knee hurts too much. I never expected that an early morning, all-girls, outdoor, intense but fun fitness class would be the kick I needed to get my health back on track.

From the moment I met Jaylin, I knew this experience would be different. Unlike other trainers I have dealt with, she did not make me feel uncomfortable or intimidated. She pushed me and encouraged me all the way without being patronizing. Her keen knowledge of fitness and nutrition supported me beyond the training hours and helped me integrate some simple things into my routine to make my life better and my progress sustainable.

When I came to Jaylin I was at my heaviest ever and struggling with a recurring knee problem. In a short four months I had lost 20 lbs and many inches. Better yet, I had succeeded in integrating fitness to my routine, started incorporating other things (I started cycling!), and my body, though it may not be the same it was 15 years ago is strong and healthier.

I recommend Jaylin because her expertise and lovely personality will help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be, in a fun and sustainable way.