If thinking about broccoli cheddar soup or a hot tomato mozzarella panini doesn’t make your mouth water, then we don’t know what will. Panera has many delicious, healthy dishes that have transformed the way we think about “fast food” today. However, eating out is still eating out. It turns out that some of the menu items that we love to devour are not actually as nutritious as originally presumed. (But still DELICIOUS!)

In 2011, Congress mandated that all California restaurants with 20 or more locations post calorie counts on their menus. Lucky for the health-focused, we can now make more advantageous choices while eating out.

Here’s why the you-pick-two no longer has to be your go-to!

The secret is OUT! Panera launched a hidden menu and sampled it in New York City locations last year. Executive Scott Davis has just revealed to the general public that the results were promising and these “off the menu” items will now be made to order. Just in time to keep those New Year’s Resolutions up, right?!

But wait, that’s not all!

This news is not privy to everyone. Lucky for those of you who are reading, you will know that the only way to obtain these dishes is by mentioning that you are ordering from the “hidden menu.” These options will not be shown on banners, on advertisements, or on the main menu boards.

So what does this hidden menu entail?

Instead of loading our poor bodies up with empty calories, Panera has cracked the code: they know that one of the best ways to fill up is by loading your (small) plate up with protein and unprocessed carbs, or limited processed carbs. To translate that over for us boot-campers, carbs are what we NEED for energy and proteins are what help our bodies repair the muscle tissue that is broken down during all those squats, pushups, and burpees. Without the proper fuel, our bodies could get burnt out or injured, meaning limited workouts. That is the exact opposite of what we all want!

So eat up! There is a variety of choices including the power breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey, the power Mediterranean chicken salad, the power chicken hummus bowl, and power steal lettuce wraps. Think it’s a coincidence that POWER is in front of each of these dishes? J