Raise your hand if you were one of the many of us who took that “indulge a little, you deserve it!” notion WAY too seriously on Christmas. Something about the happy, giving spirit that causes us to freely reach ten too many times for all of those delectable holiday treats. If your hand is up, I hope there’s a free weight in it. Lower, lift, repeat!

But seriously, how to come back from overindulgence.

Do NOT weigh yourself. I repeat, do NOT weigh yourself! If you know you ate (or drank) a little more than usual, that knowing is enough. There is no need to hop on the scale and become discouraged. This may have the opposite effect of what we are going for here: demotivation. We need motivation! ACTION!

Let’s Start in the Kitchen.

Are there still a few lingering holiday cookie plates on your kitchen counters? Chocolate pies and cheesecakes in the fridge? Try not to feel obligated to finish them just because they’re there. Gladly send a plate home with family members and friends. If they decline, remind them that they’re doing you a favor! Be grateful for the efforts and holiday spirit that went into these desserts but when it comes down to finishing every last bite, just say no!

As far as what we do want to put into our bodies at this point, keep it green as often as you can. Have you ever thought about having a salad for breakfast? Sure, it sounds crazy but this is actually a refreshing way to start your day. Not to mention, it is another easy way to tackle the recommended daily vegetable servings (Refer to previous post for a green smoothie recipe!). If vegetables in the morning just really aren’t your thing, try a fruit salad. A personal favorite: Toss mixed berries, shaved almonds, and mixed baby greens with a few dashes of lemon juice and some honey if you’re feeling daring. Have an egg on the side and you’ll be good to go. Try to sneak salads and greens into as many meals as possible this time of year and you’ll be feeling cleansed in no time.

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Up!

Hey, Christmas has only just passed and there is no reason we cannot keep up the spirit of giving. Take your dog(s) for an extra walk or if you live close to a friend, have him or her meet up to go on a brisk walk or light jog instead of catching up over the phone. And don’t even try to deny that you will be back at the mall for returns, exchanges, and those oh so tempting post-holiday sales. Pick up the pace while you’re there!

Speaking of Picking Up the Pace…

Get your sweat on! So you may have missed a couple days (or weeks!) at the gym due to holiday shopping, traveling, and family get togethers. There is no time to waste – get back into it! Use some of that holiday cash to buy yourself a new pair of running pants, make a new playlist, have someone give you a wake-up call so you don’t miss a workout, etc. Do whatever you know YOU need to do to help get back into your exercise routine. The sooner you do it, the better you will feel.

On the flip side, be careful not to overcompensate by pushing yourself too hard. Excessive workouts to burn off holiday weight may sound good in theory but this can actually be one of the quickest causes of burnout or worse, injury. The couch is the last place we want to be. Remember we still have to fit into our New Year’s dresses ladies!

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
― Steve Maraboli