Granola is not just for hippies anymore. You can find granola at casual coffee shops to swanky brunch menus. BUT eater beware- this oat- filled, crunchy gold can rack up those cals with artificial sweeteners and loads of sugar.

Though bottomless mimosas can always be hard to pass up, but try staying home Sunday morning and experiment with making your own granola. The possibilities and combinations are endless—almonds or walnuts, honey or agave?

Here are some musts and yummy ideas for you to make your very own cost-effective, healthy granola:

ALMONDS: These little nuggets are a San Diego Bootcamp babe’s favorite! They pack some punch with high protein and healthy, heart-disease fighting, cholesterol-reducing fats. They are available year-round and add the perfect crunch to your mix.

WALNUTS: Another crowd and taste bud pleaser! Walnuts are crunchy and creamy simultaneously adding a perfect texture to your granola. Plus, they have been shown to have incredible cardiovascular benefits, reduce problems incurred by Metabolic Syndrome, and help fight against cancer. Needless to say, don’t mess around with these guys!

DRIED FRUIT: Just like how you get better and stronger from the structure of our Bootcamp classes combining cardio with muscle building, dried fruits, like cranberries, raisins, or blueberries, when combined with nuts get twice as awesome and supply even more stellar health benefits. All berries rank high on the antioxidant chart, which keep your skin glowing, your hair flowing, and your nails growing. And having a happy full belly thanks to the fiber will keep that “hangry” you at bay until lunchtime.

CHIA SEEDS: All the hype is well deserved for this tiny Aztec legend. They will get that body healthy inside and out one sprinkle at a time. They are loaded exploded with free radical fighting antioxidants, tons of fiber, which will keep you full longer and make your irregularity regular, PLUS they are gluten-free for our friends who can’t do the wheat thing. Overall, these seeds are nature’s (and your) star player!

HONEY/AGAVE: These really are a preference decision for you. Or if you are vegan, agave, or even molasses, are your best alternatives to sugar. Some people like their granola sweet and dessert-like, or a more dry, health-driven version. Either way it is up to your discretion, so a homemade version that is geared towards a healthy lifestyle will almost always trump a store-bought, restaurant-served bowl.

Mix and match as you see fit. Try different combinations and flavors. Good luck granola lovers. And don’t forget to hug a tree while you’re at it!