Eat More Protein Without Meat

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If you're a Vegetarian, Vegan, or just someone who wants to get their protein in other ways than meat, you will really appreciate these protein alternatives. Depending on your age, physical activity, and other part of your lifestyles, you may need more or less protein per meal; but on average you should get about 10 grams per meal. Why 10 [...]

Struggling With Cravings? Here’s Your Solution

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Train the Brain to Curb the Crave! Brain v. Body. We all struggle with what our minds tell us we want and what our bodies really need. If our brains are the control center, then how do we reprogram it? How do we start to want and crave healthy foods and not all the bad stuff? Our bodies will crave [...]

Will Eating Carbs Carve Out a Flat Stomach?

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Carbs For Abs? Eat These to Help Unleash the Ab Muscles! We all want lean muscle and those fabulous looking abs; and like the fitness world says, summer bodies are made in the winter! Along with cardio and muscle toning exercises (which Bootique helps with), what you eat also has tons to do with revealing those tones tummies. Lean proteins [...]

Are You Making Good Post-Workout Food Choices?

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Post Workout Eats You just completed an intense workout (mostly likely with Bootique!), and your body is calling for some sustenance. What is your body telling you to eat? A big bowl of pasta? Something heavy and filling? It’s better to prepare for your post workout meals and snacks than to wait until you are hungry; more opportunity for bad [...]

Why Women Need More Protein

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Be a Pro Protein Woman! We all have probably read how lean protein is good for our muscles; and it helps us feel full and satisfied longer. What else can protein help with? Why else is it important to incorporate protein into our diet? When a craving hits, it’s most likely your need for protein. So instead of reaching for [...]

Nuts for Granola

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Granola is not just for hippies anymore. You can find granola at casual coffee shops to swanky brunch menus. BUT eater beware- this oat- filled, crunchy gold can rack up those cals with artificial sweeteners and loads of sugar. Though bottomless mimosas can always be hard to pass up, but try staying home Sunday morning and experiment with making your [...]

How To Make Better Lunch Choices

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Stuck in the Middle - Better Ways to Lunch So, you’ve got breakfast down with high protein, low cal options and dinner is set for the week with yummy veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats. What about lunch? Are you planning ahead enough? Brown bagging the SAME thing and getting bored? Or maybe you’ve plateaued on the scale and need [...]

Could You Be A Part Time Vegetarian?

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Yes, you can become a vegetarian part-time, integrating more veggies into your diet and changing up your meals to a meat-less version. Make “Meatless Monday” carry into some other days of the week! Begin to try those vegetarian recipes you have been saving. Not only will this version of vegetarianism help you to be healthier, but it can save you [...]

Why Protein is Crucial For Women’s Fitness

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If you’ve been following this blog, then it’s likely that you’ve read somewhere or another that protein is crucial for an active women’s diet! Why? Say it with me ladies: MUSCLES!!! In short, it helps repair our muscles after workouts so they can continue to strengthen themselves, ultimately helping us to achieve that lean, toned look that we’re all going [...]

7 Fast Food Picks Under 350 Calories!

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As much as we try to prepare our meals and keep healthy snack choices on hand, there are some days when your only choice may be to eat out – and quickly! Whether it’s on the way to your kid’s softball game, on the way to work, or you’re running late for a class, we need to be aware of [...]