What You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

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It seems like everywhere we turn, there is a new weight loss fad popping up. Enter intermittent fasting. Fasting is an ancient tradition used by almost every culture and religion and is thought to aid in weight loss, improve concentration and heal the body, as well as being included in spiritual practices. But is fasting really good for us? If [...]

Choosing a Meal Plan that Works for You

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With summer almost here, there has never been a better time to turn your eating habits around and hone in on a healthy meal plan. There is a lot of info out there, and we understand it’s hard to choose what might be the right fit for you. Luckily, Bootique has several meal plan options that are available to our [...]

10 Not So Healthy “Health-Foods”

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There are many foods out there being touted as “health” foods, but you can’t always believe what you hear. The best way to know what you are really putting in your body is to ignore the hype and read the nutrition labels not just the marketing big print on the front. Here you will discover the 10 worst offenders masquerading [...]

6 Tips for Fat Loss

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If shedding a few pounds is your goal, you should know that not all weight loss is created equal. Your focus should be on burning fat, not muscle, and a lot of the fad diets out there don’t discriminate between what pounds you are dropping. For a healthy way to lose weight, here are six tips to follow for optimal [...]

Eating Right in 2019

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We don’t love the word diet because “diet” is used too often indicate a short-term, restrictive meal plan, but your diet is as essential to your health as exercise or sleep. There are so many diets out there, but most of them are either unsustainable, or downright unhealthily, so we are going to break down our favorite long term, sustainable [...]

Swapping Your Holiday Grub for a Healthier Bite

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The holidays are a magical time of year filled with loved ones, good cheer and gut busting treats. The average American gains 1-2 pounds over the holiday season and the fact is most people never lose that weight, so over the course of five years, that could be an extra 10 pounds you are carrying around. Portion control is a [...]

Spotlight on Superfoods – Avocado

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Living in California has a lot of perks. Seemingly endless sunshine, golden beaches and access to fresh produce pretty much year round. And luckily, one of our favorite fruits, the avocado, flourishes locally. What makes avocado such a superfood? Avocados, which are actually a berry that originally hails from South Central Mexico, are popular because of their buttery taste and [...]

Simple Snacks on the Go

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We all have busy lives and one of the most challenging things these days is ensuring you are maintaining your healthy lifestyle on the run. Between jobs, school, kid’s activities and getting to your favorite Bootique Fitness class on time, sometimes it’s easier to hit that drive thru or office candy jar for your 3:00 pm pick me up. Here [...]

Rethinking Your Meal Plan

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If you are stuck in a food rut and aren’t sure how to pull yourself out, you have probably considered starting a meal plan. Or maybe you’ve tried and failed repeatedly to stick to your plan. In theory, a meal plan is a great idea because it ensures the foods you are eating have the most nutritional bang for your [...]

Following the Keto Craze

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Through the years, we have seen many fad diets have come and go. The Beverly Hills Diet, Atkins, Zone, Paleo, the list goes on and on. Today, it seems like everywhere we turn the diet craze called Keto is popping up, and the premise may sound familiar. Keto promises that if you cut carbs and load up on fat you [...]