In today’s world, you can quantify everything. We have technology that will tell you how many steps you took, apps that log every gram of food and water you take in, how many minutes you slept, and what your heart was doing during your workout. If you find these tools helpful, great! There’s never been a better time to live than now if you want all that data. But for some, this is just too much information, and it can be overwhelming to know what to do with it.

At Bootique Fitness, we think that keeping track of how you eat and work out is great. It shows you where you’ve been and can be helpful to correct bad habits and see how good ones translate into real progress toward your health and fitness goals. But there can be a dark side to some of this. Sometimes you can over-credit yourself if your device malfunctions or isn’t calibrated correctly.

Focusing too much on numbers can lead to obsession and overthinking it to the point of generating unhappiness and dissatisfaction. For those of you who find fitness tracking wearables, apps, or even notebooks intimidating, or who may just want a break from the time it takes to input all this information, we have a solution for you.

We call it “not zero.”

Let me explain…

Zero is a really interesting concept. It means nothing. As in, the absence of something.

The way we apply zero to fitness and nutrition is thinking about a very simple way to answer the question, “What did I do towards my goals today?

We want you to always be able to answer “not zero.” We want you to never have a day where you do nothing. A little “not zero” will keep you where you are, and a lot of “not zero” will keep you on track toward your goals. Only if you do nothing will you go backwards—that’s just the way of the universe, if you don’t put in any effort it all goes crazy!

The thing we like about Not Zero is that it is the opposite of the data-driven path.

Instead of worrying about how much you do, it’s a way of focusing on the fact that you are doing something every day. It’s a way to shut up the voices that tell you that if you can’t do an entire grueling workout and keep your calorie intake low for the whole day it’s not worth doing at all. It’s always worth doing not zero!

Did a few push-ups in the morning? Great! Much better than doing no push-ups. Not zero!

Chose a lunch with lots of fresh vegetables? Totally not zero!

Meditated for five minutes? You could have skipped it altogether, but you didn’t! Go you, not zero-ing!

You can use Not Zero as a way to keep going when you have a rough day, but it’s also got a lot of power to help you manage multiple goals at once. It really comes from the mindset that it can be difficult to think about all the little things that need to get done when there’s a big project. Instead of focusing on all those details, trust that if you keep working consistently, you’ll get there.

So get in the habit of checking in with the question, was today a Not Zero day. And if you want any help for ways to make sure all your days are Not Zero days, get in touch with us!