Need a healthy place to eat in La Jolla?

I know, we all should know, that eating before working out is super important. We need to fuel our bodies with healthy carbs and proteins to help us charge through our workout. And if any of you are like me, when that butt-kicking boot camp class is over, it is time for the grind. Whether you are off to work for the day or heading home to a house full of kids, homework, or spouses, sometimes re-fueling the body AFTER the workout gets thrown in the back seat with my sweaty towel and mat.

After the blood, sweat, and tears of La Jolla boot camp class (just kidding, you don’t always cry), remember to eat something, preferably high in protein to better jumpstart recovery, anywhere between 30-60 minutes post sweat sesh. If you only have a few minutes to catch a quick and effective snack here are the 1,2,3’s of healthy grubbing in La Jolla.

Ready, Set, Go! Kinda Places:

1. Lean and Green Café

With an almost all organic menu, this café is true to its name by being green and keeping you lean. With menu items like organic smoothies, salads, or wraps, you are sure to find something you will enjoy while maintaining a health-conscious decision. It’s a little pricey because organic + La Jolla= $$, BUT it is delicious and worth the extra dollars for the fewer processed cals.

2. Voila

This is a new joint in town right by the village that hails a fresh, build-your-own salad. It is always a plus to be able to customize your meal so that you can control what goes into your body. With options like quinoa, almonds, veggies and more veggies, your body will be thanking you for the healthy, hearty dish.

3. El Pescador Fish Market

I absolutely adore this spot! Be warned, it can be addicting, so come here at your own risk. Obviously criteria numero uno needs to be that you enjoy fish because the name is a spoiler alert- it’s a fish market! However, they grill up their fresh catch right there and can make you a torta, a salad, or a full dinner plate. Like most places though, health resides in your ordering ability. Steer clear of the butter and opt for olive oil, and get your greens with a side salad. It is sure to please your muscles and taste buds.

Remember the boot camp class is there to slim you down and pump you up, use your eating to supplement all of your hard work by fueling with healthy carbs like whole wheat or brown rice, and lean protein like fish, turkey or chicken. With all of your body toning early mornings or committed evenings, don’t forget the best part and EAT UP!