4 Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

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Stress is not only a challenge to deal with mentally - it can also cause weight gain. Doctors say that chronic stress equals increased cortisol, which makes it difficult for the body to respond to insulin, which makes it difficult to burn fat. The habit of stress eating is also a very real thing. Fortunately, there are lots of ways [...]

Secrets for Becoming a Morning Workout Warrior

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If you don’t consider yourself to be a “morning person,” the thought of lifting your head from the pillow before the sun rises over San Diego is already unfathomable. The thought of coaxing your body into performing any kind of morning exercise, then, is even more unimaginable. So how do those bright-eyed, break-of-dawn joggers, bikers and gym-going women do it? [...]

February Check-In: Sticking to Those New Year’s Resolutions

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Roughly a third of people give up their New Year’s resolution after the first 31 days. Whether it’s due to a busy schedule or lack of motivation, it’s not uncommon for a resolution to fall by the wayside after the first month. You don’t have to be in the 33%, though— It's February and that means there’s plenty of time [...]

4 Ways to Celebrate Self Love This Valentine’s Day

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February 14th is commonly known as a day dedicated to the celebration of love. While many people associate this holiday with receiving a box of chocolates or being treated to a nice dinner by a special someone, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean romantic love. Between the fast-paced lives and busy schedules of modern women and the self-critical mindsets often [...]

What It Means to Be Mindful in 2018

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to examine yourself and your life, be proud of what you’ve accomplished in the past twelve months, and plan for what you’d like to work on in the coming dozen. Self-improvement can be difficult, however. So many people give up on their yearly goals after only a month or two [...]

What’s On Your Bucket List?

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2018 is upon us! A great exercise to do in January is to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the last year (or the last few!). Take ten minutes to put a pen to paper and list out some of your proudest achievements, both major and minor — if you joined Bootique San Diego and started coming to our outdoor [...]

3 Ways To Gear Prep For Your Workout

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You’ve all heard of meal prep - as in, figuring out what you’re going to eat, pre-assembling your portions, and following through on eating your carefully-designed menu items. But have you thought about gear prep? Your fitness routine deserves just as much attention and pre-planning as your nutrition plan. Just like with meal prep, there is a strategy to suit [...]

6 Ways To Talk Yourself Out Of Working Out

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Do you love feeling defeated? Does falling short of your goals appeal to you? Then here are six tips to ensure that working out is a chore you’ll always resent doing! 1. Set a ridiculous goal To really get the most out of an exercise in futility, you have to make sure that the goal you set is completely unattainable. [...]