Ministry of Road – Machel Montano

Soca has to be one of my most favorite genres of music! So upbeat and uplifting! Machel Montano gives us a lot of great music for our Zumba classes.

Zumba Dance Classes in San Diego

Have you been looking for another way to get a cardio workout? Running, treadmill, or swimming is getting too monotonous? Zumba in San Diego with Bootique Fitness might just be what you are looking for! Zumba is a cardio infused dance class that allows you to burn lots of calories without feeling like you are “working out”. Zumba blends Latin based dance moves with modern hip hop styles to get your body moving. Not only are the dance moves hot, but so is the music. Check out a sample of what Bootique has been offering up for your ears in Zumba!

Best of San Diego – Zumba by Bootique

San Diego Magazine listed us as the BEST OF SAN DIEGO when it comes to Zumba classes!

Ready to join the Dance Party with us?

Get the schedule and details on our Dance Fitness Party page. Drop in classes are only $15 or become a member to get classes for as low as $6 each.