How to find us in Mission Valley / Civita Park


GPS: 7964 Civita Blvd, San Diego, CA 92108

Civita Park (outside)

Parking: There Is A Large Parking Lot Available at The Park Entrance At The Intersection of Civita Blvd and Russel Parkway.


Personal Training Group Classes & Yoga Location:

Just Behind The Memorial With Flags Is A Large Flat Grassy Area.

Personal Training Group – Stair Workouts Location:

Park In The Same Lot, When Facing The Flags, Walk To The Left Towards The Red Tractor. Pass The Tractor, Follow The Sidewalk Past The Basketball Hoops To The Grassy Area By The Lit Up Small Stair Case. Estimate a 3 Minute Walk From The Lot.


If You Don’t See Us And Are Not Sure Where To Go, Contact The Trainer Before Class Starts. Here Are Each Of The Trainer’s Cell Numbers.

Sarah: 619.316.2038

Sabrina: 619.519.5874

Jaylin: 619.602.8087

Mission Valley boot camps help women change their lives through fitness.

There are many boot camps in San Diego – each one promising they have the secret to deliver results…but we’ve proven our system works. Our spunky professionals of personal training in Mission Valley keep women motivated and looking forward to their next workout!

Want to achieve your fitness goal?

Staying motivated is just one of the things many women who attend Mission Valley boot camps struggle with. We know that each woman has her own individual set of health and fitness goals. Some women join boot camps in Mission Valley for the sake of maintaining their health and others want to burn excess calories and lose weight. Whatever the reason, Mission Valley boot camps can help women embrace fitness and actually enjoy exercising.

Don’t have enough time to workout?

Some women have demanding life and work schedules that make pursuing their fitness goals even more challenging. Bootique offers a flexible schedule and large variety of classes to make it easier. Plus, our efficient Mission Valley boot camp workouts are only 45 minutes long.

Think you can’t lose weight?

With personal training in Mission Valley, we at Bootique Fitness know that losing weight is not just about exercise. To change the way your body looks, you’ll have to change the way you think about your body and the food you eat. Bootique Fitness offers one-on-one motivational coaching as well as nutritional coaching.

Our personal trainers will help you learn about the healthiest ways to prepare your meals so you will be able to choose tasty, healthy foods without a spending long hours in the kitchen. With our tips to help you burn excess calories, we’ll help you maximize the benefits of your bootcamp style workouts and increase your results. You will finally be able to reshape your body, increase you energy level and maximize our metabolism and appreciate your body.

Can you commit to a Mission Valley Boot Camp?

Yes, you can! Even if you’ve never stuck to a fitness program in the past – it’s ok. It’s really hard to stick to something that’s hard and you’re not having fun with. We wouldn’t stick to that either.

We’ll make it easy for you to commit to our fitness program. Between the camaraderie of the women in class, the personalized attention you get from a personal trainer and the fun and effective variety of workouts – you’ll find it very easy to stick to this program and stay fit forever.

Bootique Fitness is the leading Mission Valley boot camp that has helped hundreds of women stick to a consistent fitness program, see results and feel great! Get started today.