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Nutritional Meal Plans

Determine the right meal plan for you by using the goal setting feature in myfitnesspal to determine the suggested calories per day to achieve your fitness goals based on your current weight and the exercise habits you are willing to commit to – see directions on our blog here. This app is great for keeping a food journal – BUT – you don’t have to keep a food journal if you’re following our suggested meal plans closely. You will need your current weight in order to complete this. If you do not have a scale, we can weigh you at your first class. Be sure to schedule your assessment and arrive early.

We’ll show you the EASIEST way to plan healthy meals plus many more tips to make eating well work for you. Download the ‘Be Healthy’ Nutrition Guide.

We have created custom nutrition plans specifically designed to accelerate your results and help you reach your goals faster. Use these meal plans as a tool to focus on eating whole, supportive foods. These 4 week transformational meal plans to establish new habits for clean eating, accelerate your results and change your body.

If you weigh under 160 lbs, Download plan A
If you weigh over 160 lbs, Download Plan B.

These 2 week meal plans are designed to be used for a short time only. They are more restrictive and not designed for long term eating habits.

If you weigh under 160 lbs, Download plan A.
If you weigh over 160 lbs, Download Plan B.

Bootique Fitness Inner Circle Private Facebook Group

We also have an active group of Bootique’ers on in a Facebook group for some added support. Get help with your goals, join the daily exercise challenge and share your successes. We’re all in this together.

Join the Bootique Inner Circle here. (Must login with Facebook)

Body Composition Assessment

Schedule your initial assessment to record your weight, body fat and measurements. We can do this for you 15 minutes before the Personal Training Group classes. You can email me which day you would like to do and I’ll arrange it. We recommend doing this on your first day for the most accurate results. The sooner the better.

‘Girl Talk’ Motivational Session

This is a one-on-one meeting with Bootique Fitness Founder, Jaylin Knight. Take this opportunity to discuss your goals based on you and what YOU want to achieve, develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals and learn how to overcome any obstacles that have stood in your way in the past. You will get to focus on your personal motivation factors that will help me help you be successful here at Bootique Fitness.

To schedule your ‘Girl Talk’ Strategy Session, complete these 3 steps:

To get the most out of our meeting, this must be completed in full. The Goal Allowing Process – Achieving goals is more about overcoming obstacles have stood in your way in the past and create an action plan to reach them this time. This guide will help you do that. You can print these sheets to just write on regular paper or in an email. Bring with you to your Girl Talk.
Are you really ready for a change? Use this questionnaire to see how willing you are to make the healthy changes necessary to reach your goals. Be honest – that’s the way this will help you. – Readiness For Change Questionnaire
After you have finished the 2 parts above, contact Jaylin via phone, text or email to share your availability. These sessions are usually 45 minutes to an hour long and take place at Jaylin’s home office in Mission Valley (5930-A Mission Center Rd.)

More Membership Benefits


Get Rewarded

Get Rewarded! Refer new clients to Bootique Fitness and get $50 cash or a 60 minute massage from Blissed Out Massage.


Easy Meal Planning

We’ll show you the EASIEST way to plan healthy meals plus many more tips to make eating well work for you. Download the ‘Be Healthy’ Nutrition Guide.


Best Success Tools

Getting fit requires mind and body to be in alignment. These success tools will guide you on how to make the connection. Download the ‘Be Fit’ Success Guide.

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