Here’s a testimonial from one of our amazing boot campers, Miss Tiffany

“Before I joined Bootique Fitness, I was exercising at least 5 times a week.

Two of the five days, I participated in an hour long Pilates training. I thought I was in decent shape because I was doing at least something and not sitting around idle. I realized I wasn’t progressing at a rate which I thought I should (target weight loss, toning and trimming). My energy level was low, my stamina was low, and my focus was low. From that point I realized I needed to indulge in a more structured training program. I went on a hunt for exercise programs which guaranteed progress or your money back. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. I searched the web contacting various bootcamps who claimed to offer what I was looking for except running long lengths of time was part of the training. Well… I don’t like to run so, thank you but no thank you. Once contacting Bootique Fitness which offered results, free classes and… guess what… not much running! I decided to try it. One of the best decisions I’ve made this year was joining Bootique Fitness.


My abdominal area, the legs, buttocks and thighs were my frustrating areas.

My ab was flabby, large, and protruded. My buttocks was large, saggy and wagging… Oh no! And my thighs were larger than I like (still working in those).

I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

I didn’t like the size clothes I wore and the type of clothes I was wearing. I was a strategic dresser. I was strategically hiding problem areas by wearing big blouses, larger pants and mostly skirts. I didn’t wear my shirts tucked in my skirts or pants because I was tactical when dressed. I refused to buy bigger size clothing. Thus my goal was to lose the pounds instead of gaining bigger clothes. I specifically wanted to lose at least 20 pounds, wear smaller size clothes, gain more energy, achieve increased clarity, lower my BMI, reduce body fat and strengthen and tone. I am not where I want to be as yet, but I am not where I use to be!

The biggest obstacles I faced was being inconsistent,

bored with the status quo and redundancy and ignorance to other types of exercise programs which were more conducive to my lifestyle. Moreover; I have always been a healthy eater (so I thought). When I teamed up with Ed, the nutrition specialist, he helped me to realize that I wasn’t eating a balanced meal. It lacked variety and protein. Because I am a vegan, I figured I could eat veggies and fruits (not my favorite) all day and that would be sufficient. I wasn’t going to achieve my fitness, weight, and energy goal without a sufficient amount of protein (balance) in my diet. What was my body going to utilize for energy… hmmmmmmm.

The results which I have achieved thus far since joining Bootique Fitness

in July 2010: weight loss, reduced body fat, decreased inches, lots of energy, strong fighter abs, smaller size clothes, clarity, increase focus, increase attention from my husband, friends and family members. And most of all, I met some really great friends at Bootique Fitness.

I have had many people notice the change in my overall appearance.

The first questions asked are – what, how and when? I tell them about the fitness programs that I participate in. I invite them to come and try Bootique Fitness. Those who question me, I inform them that the first 3 days are the hardest (someone told me the same thing on my first day). I encourage them to join and continue their road to success. I share with them the benefits of joining, the importance of consistency and the excitement from achieving their goals and seeing the results.

Bootique Fitness has been a great addition to my workout regimen.

I would recommend Bootique Fitness to anyone who is willing to have fun while working out and achieving their goals. Jaylin is a great encourager, motivator and she is highly energetic. She ensures each person is safe while working out harder, deeper, louder, lower, higher, and always pretty responses! Go fighter abs!”

– Tiffany G, San Diego