If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve made a commitment to your health and fitness. You’re working out and eating right. You’re making changes for the better. But sometimes change is tough, and success can feel like a real challenge. At Bootique Fitness, we do life-style, not now-style. Lifestyle means that you aren’t expected to aim for 100%. Even 90% on point is still an A. Use the tips below to grade your nutrition

Crafting a plan that will keep you on track for the long haul is truly the key to acing your nutrition. Here are a few ways you can make sure your plan will send you to the top of the class without burning out.

Answer the easy questions first, then move on to the harder ones

Nobody thinks that you should learn calculus before arithmetic. Nutrition is a skill, and you have to take it one level at a time. If your diet was way off track, you’re probably not going to instantly love munching raw kale, sorry. Instead, start out with substitutions that make sense but won’t turn you off. Cream in your coffee? Switch to milk. Halve the amount of spread on your sandwich or dressing on your salad. Drink one extra glass of water. These “warm-up” habits are great practice for bigger changes. Once you’ve mastered a level, step it up and start experimenting! We have tons of resources on our blog for healthy eating.

Join a “study group”

One of the great benefits of Bootique Fitness is access to our Accountability groups. San Diego women just like you have similar goals, and joining a group is a great way to get lots of positive feedback for your healthy choices. It’s addictive to be applauded for achieving your goals! Your peers are there to offer encouragement, point you to recipes, and share their stories for what works for them. Don’t forget, “office hours” are totally an option, too! Our personal trainers have expertise and can help you with specific nutrition questions.

Make an honest assessment

You wouldn’t cheat on a test (we hope!) so don’t cheat yourself when you reflect on your nutrition choices. Don’t be tempted to fib to yourself, your journal, or your personal trainer—you may be able to trick yourself into thinking you’ve been good, but your body won’t lie.

Know the curve

You’ve heard the saying “C’s get degrees”? Well, that’s cool if you want to stay where you are, but if you want to see results and payoff, shoot for that “A.” However, keep in mind that 90% is just as much of an “A” as 100%. If you make healthy decisions 90% of the time, you’re still going to see a major improvement, and you won’t have to beat yourself up if you are 10% off-track. Celebrations, crazy scheduling, and illness are a part of life, and that 10% is there to give you guilt-free wiggle-room without sacrificing progress. When you’re getting to 90%, there’s absolutely no reason to get down on yourself for being imperfect.

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