Doesn’t Matter, Just Get Moving

The debate between low fat diets versus low carbohydrate diets came roaring back into the public consciousness recently, with the publication of two studies that offered competing findings in recent weeks.

At Bootique Fitness, we’ve heard the debate and we prefer to stick to the idea that, unless there are health reasons that dictate strict diet, the best diet plan for our clients is one that they’ll stick to.

As San Diego personal training professionals, we’re concerned about the health of our clients, and while we want you to be healthy and happy, our focus is on getting you to move. We offer a variety of services – from the Zumba classes San Diego residents love to boot camp style training, vinyasa yoga and one-on-one personal training. There’s something for everyone – much like there’s a diet plan out there for everyone. Whether you subscribe to the low fat diet plan or the plan that calls for low carbohydrates and extra protein, the real way to get and keep your body in shape is to keep moving so you can burn calories, build lean muscles and torch fat cells.

Our mission is to make your fitness routine fun and entertaining. Much like our philosophy on the best diet for individual health, we believe that the best fitness plan is one that you can stick with, because that’s what it takes to see results.

The summer is drawing to a close, and for many women, that means that children have headed back to school. If you’re looking to refresh your fitness routine, Bootique Fitness has a variety of options that might help you put the spark back into your exercise routine, making it easier to stick to. Whether you need a personal trainer in La Jolla or you want a personal trainer in Mission Valley, Bootique Fitness has a variety of options and locations that we believe can help you to get moving and stay moving!