At 42, Lila feels like a kid again! Full of energy, optimism and a desire to be fit and active.

Bootique fitness, moreover, Jaylin has changed my life for the better. I used to resent my alarm clock and drag myself to work. Now, I can’t wait to wake up and face the day.

Boot camp is about strength and friendship. Not only do we encourage each other to do our best, we laugh along the way. Jaylin inspires us and taught me to smile through my challenges. Her amazing personality keeps you motivated to move. The fact boot camp is outside only adds to the energy level. I love looking up into the sky instead of the gym ceiling and just when I think I am going to crash, I hear this cheerful voice screaming, “You got this Lila!” I carry her voice with me throughout the day.

Not only has my energy level increased, but my strength, as well. I have a chronic shoulder pain for the past nine months that has dramatically improved. I am amazed that my 42-year-old body has so much strength and ability. I have not felt this young in a long time. I am grateful for Jaylin and can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning, so I can spend with her!