We are fortunate to have superstar trainer, Mollie Martin, in our Bootique family. Believe it or not, we owe that to Rugby! You see, if it weren’t for the great Rugby opportunity that drew Mollie to San Diego, we may never have met. Rugby has played a major role in Mollie’s life ever since she discovered the sport in high school. “I’ve played every other sport at school and I’ve never had a feeling like this,” she says.

Rugby is an excellent opportunity to get into, and stay in shape. The sport involves everything from agility and endurance to strength and teamwork. Rubgy is known for creating very close nit teams that treat each other like family. They go out of their way to take care of each other and support each other, creating long-lasting friendships.

These women get into this sport purely out of passion! In America, these talented rugby players get barely any attention. Mollie’s team is number one in the country right now and on their way to Nationals in August. Her team is looked upon when Olympic coaches recruit for the USA games – yet most player can barely afford the expense of playing. In order to compete in games the individuals on the team are responsible for paying for their own gas for long distance road trips, plane tickets, food, field dues, and more…

Charity Boot Camp on Sunday, Aug 4th at 11:30 am

To support the women’s rugby team’s journey to Nationals we are hosting a charity boot camp class on Sunday, August 4th at 11:30 am in Balboa Park. All proceeds will be given directly to San Diego women’s rugby. We would love for you to come work out with us but if you cannot make it, you can still offer a donation online through PayPal (all donations will be distributed accordingly). You can make a donation via paypal.

This boot camp session it open to everyone, all fitness levels, all ages, men and women (you do not have to be a member of Bootique Fitness). Don’t be afraid of the word ‘boot camp’ – we promise not to hurt you. This will be a fun-filled workout that can be modified to fit your current fitness level to give you a safe workout.

Anything you can offer to support will be much appreciated. Donations are voluntary only. We can accept cash and check directly or you can donate online via PayPal with the link above.

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