Whether your is body sore, you’re warming up muscles pre-exercise, or need to work out those tight IT Bands, foam rolling is the way to go! Ideally, getting a deep tissue massage everyday by a professional after our hard workouts would be the best way to recover; but most of us can’t afford that luxury. It’s important to loosen up and take care of those muscles that you’ve been working so hard on. Invest in a good foam roller, and it’ll hurt so good!

Foam rolling helps prevent and treat injuries

Foam rolling not only helps with sore muscles and aids in a good pre or post workout routine, but it also helps prevent and treat injuries. By elongating and massaging the muscles, increasing flexibility, and promoting blood circulation, foam rolling is essential for lowering your risk of getting injured.

Already have an existing injury? Use that roller to help you rehab! You can foam roll most any part of the body that feels in need of a good massage – hamstrings, quads, back, gluteus, iliotibial (IT) band, calves, and lats are just some of the places where you can benefit.

Come to a Bootique foam rolling workshop

We’ll be hosting mini-workshops before all boot camp classes on Friday, March 28th. These are complimentary to all members. You need to bring your own foam roller to get the most out of this workshop. We’ll show you exactly how to use them.

Marina 5:45 am
Mission Bay 5:45 am
Hillcrest 7:00 am
Hillcrest 5:15 pm

How to by a foam roller

A good, firm, long-lasting foam roller usually costs about $40. Road runner carries them here. However – we have a limited number in stock. The 3 foot ones like they carry at Road Runner are $30, or you can get a 1 foot foam roller for $15. Contact Jaylin (619.602.8087) to purchase one.

Foam rolling gets easier with regular use

The first couple rolls may not be pretty – if you are doing it correctly, it’ll be a bit uncomfortable. Good news is, each time you roll, the less intense it will be. Keep up a regular routine of foam rolling before and after your workouts, and reap the benefits!

Regular massage helps tremendously

A foam roller is going to help you a lot – but nothing can replace the value of a professional licensed massage therapist who can really get into your tight spots and release them. We work with 2 incredible massage therapists who would be delighted to help you:

Lauren Kelley of Blissed Out Massage
Denise Wilson of The Spinal Connection

For any tips or instructions on foam rolling, ask your trainer. They will be happy to spend a few minutes showing you the best techniques! They may also be able to direct you to some great YouTube and instructional videos. You will be rockin’ and ROLLIN’ in no time!