Leigh, who has always been a very disciplined woman, loves the added accountability Bootique Fitness gives her to fit exercise into her routine early in the morning. She’s spending less time with her chiropractor and more time lifting her grandchildren with her strong, lean arms!

In the 8 months I have been taking Bootique Fitness classes, I have maintained a 20 lb weight loss, strengthen, toned, and begun sculpting my muscles, lowered my blood pressure by 15-20 points, improved my posture, lessened the number of visits to my chiropractor, improved my discipline about avoiding physical discomfort, and become eager to exercise, even increasing the number of times per week from the original three days. I’m very pleased to be in Jaylin’s programs, and I am very pleased with myself for demonstrating the discipline in this area of my life that I have wanted to for many years.