Don’t stop yet!

After you’ve completed a total body workout or a leg workout, use this leg finisher circuit to put the final challenge on those legs! This circuit is just 90 seconds! But… as the name suggests… it will finish your legs off. Especially if you can get 3 rounds in.

Set your interval timer to 30 seconds. You’ll do 3 exercises back to back without rest. After 1 round, take a 30 second rest and do it again.

Push yourself!

If you’re doing this after your workout like we suggest, you’ll already be tired… but go for it anyway! When you see those results, it will be completely worth it! Make sure you cool down/stretch once your done.

Boot Camp Exercise #1: Swinging lunge
Boot Camp Exercise #2: Swinging lunge (other side)
Boot Camp Exercise #3: Squat jumps

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