While weekends are usually challenging enough for someone to stay on a fitness and nutrition program, holiday weekends propose an even greater challenge. More time off, more socializing and more food and drinks around you… With so many temptations to hang out, party and eat, it’s likely that you are going to enjoy a cheat meal or 2… or 3… So, plan ahead. If you know you are going to eat/drink more calories over Labor Day Weekend, make sure you also do a workout that is going to burn some of those calories off.

How to save calories on Labor Day Weekend

One of the best ways to avoid overeating at a weekend BBQ is to plan ahead. Bring a healthy dish to share. Also, if you plan to indulge in a few alcoholic drinks, don’t forget to consider those calories in your nutrition plan. We’ve posted a few blogs already about what to eat at a BBQ to make healthier choices – grilled chicken instead of hamburger and bun; fruits and veggies instead of chips and cheeses; and beware of empty calories. It’s easy to go to a holiday BBQ and eat more than 1,000 in one afternoon. Yet, just having a plan and making better decisions will reduce that number significantly.

How to work out on Labor Day Weekend

Eating is only half the battle. While you may be tempted to forget about your workouts over a holiday weekend, we caution you not to do that. We know you’re going to be busy though, so we wrote a short and intense workout program you can do anywhere and fit it into your holiday weekend. Rotating exercises between upper and lower body and adding the core will target all major muscle groups to help you continue to burn fat even after you’ve completed your workout.

Perform each move, 3 sets at 8-15 reps each. These moves can be performed in very little time, between 10-15 minutes, so there’s no excuse to completely forgo a workout during your holiday weekend. In fact, taking 15 minutes to include these moves as an addition to your regular workout routine will help you build muscle and burn more fat.

A1 Squats
A2 Push Ups

B1 Front Lunges
B2 Walk-outs

C1 V extension
C2 Plank

Don’t let the holiday weekend derail your diet and exercise plans. This weekend – prepare an eating plan, stick to it, and make a little time to workout. Keeping up these healthy habits will ensure that you keep moving in the right direction and meeting your fitness goals.