Tabata Thursdays

Of course you do! But do you know the squat jump and the squat hold? Alternating these two squats will be the makings of our Tabata Thursday!

For your first 20 seconds, it’s the squat jump! Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, fighter abs. Sit back into your squat. As you jump up, use your arms to get high and land as soft as you can on your feet and knees. For a modification, you’ll want to do a squat extension. As you come up, extend through the hips and come up on your toes – coming back to a squat position. Remember,it’s only 20 seconds and then you get a rest. Work at your highest capacity!

The next 20 seconds? Squat hold. Standing again with your feet shoulder width apart and fighter abs, squat down as low as possible making sure your heels are planted to the floor. Hold this for 20 seconds, and then your 10 second rest! A variation for the squat hold is the wall sit. Still a 20 second hold, stand with your back to the wall and walk your feet out as you lower yourself down the wall until your knees are making 90 degree angles with your feet.Keep your back tall, fighter abs and squeeze those legs. You may think that wall is there for your support, but just wait until you feel the burn in those quads!

Watch our own Sabrina Campbell, personal trainer extraordinaire, who shows the correct form for each squat and their variations.

Keep alternating the squat jump (extension) and hold until your Tabata is up! Now you know all squats!

The Tabata ‘You Don’t Know Squat’ Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercises: squat jump (extension) and squat hold (wall sit)