Payback and Back Packs!

All those days of hard workouts and extra burpees from your Bootique Fitness trainers have definitely paid off; but why not give back in more ways than one?! Give to a good cause while giving back burpees and sweat to your trainers! Yes, you heard right.

Welcome to Karma Boot Camp! On Sunday, Sept 21st at 11:30 am in Balboa Park (6th & Upas), come join us for a complimentary boot camp style workout… and then, donate dollars to make the trainers WORK! For the dollars you donate, you can DEMAND your trainers to do BURPEES!

Where are dollars going?

Vitality Chiropractic San Diego is sponsoring a Back-to-School backpack drive to help support South Bay Community Services. Their goal is to accumulate at least 100 backpacks for these children in need. Bootique is helping the cause with your help. All participants are welcome (members, non-members, women and men, all fitness levels – even if you’re just coming out to cheer!).

Bring backpacks to donate and/or cash for this great cause. Backpacks are “worth” 4 burpees or bring a wad of 5 dollar bills to make us Bootique Fitness trainers do a burpee for every $5. Come on down with backpacks and cash on hand for a real kick butt (but not kill you) workout and payback to our trainers; while at the same time putting packs on the backs of children who need it this school year.

Here’s to sweat payback, and give back!

Visit our Karma Boot Camp Event on Facebook for more information and to let us know you’ll be there.

Bring a mat (or large towel to lay on) and water. We ensure a safe environment and will make any modifications necessary for you to get a great workout! RSVP on Facebook appreciated but not necessary, just get there!