Why do kids have all the fun? The playgrounds are filled with little people running here, tumbling there, and jumping over anything in their path. How can they do that for hours? Their energy level is insane, they must be aliens!

When you grow up, don’t you want to be just like them though? We’ll pick one thing that we’ve seen them do and bring it into our workout. Kids leap and jump over and around everything, let’s start there.

You decided to add a quick 30 minute workout to your day, turn it into a game by add 15-20 jumps into your workout routine. Foot and arm movements while doing jumping jacks or jump rope help improve coordination, and 10 minutes out of the day has the potential to burn crazy calories!

Jumping strengthens your bones

Defy gravity; get your body up in the air to help reduce the rate of bone mass loss. At 25 we hit the peak of development, after that we have to take deliberate actions to stimulate growth.
Just 20 jumps a day can help build bone mass, and is a slightly better approach than running or jogging for long periods of time. In a study on the effects of jumping on bone density (study link) carried out over 4 months, participants who did jumping exercises increased mineral density by twice as much as those who didn’t. For women, once menopause is in the picture we lose about 20% of bone density.

Jumping is great for you but land with your ankles in mind, sprains and fractures are no fun. Remember to jump on the balls of your feet and stay high on your toes; they act as your natural shock absorbers.

Jump into our workouts

At our bootcamps in San Diego, your personal trainers have developed high intensity workouts using the Tabata style protocol that alternates between intense and normal bursts of activity, with what feels like only split seconds of rest.

During your workout you may be doing any of the following:

    LI>Running in place
  • High knees
  • Burpees (with a few different twists)
  • Jump squats

HIIT can involve a lot of jumping

Our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class uses a method that is a more efficient way of exercising, packing a lot of movement into a short time frame.

According to the American College of Sports and Medicine, your aerobic capacity improves to the same physical level with just 2 weeks of high intensity intervals vs. 6-8 weeks of endurance training. San Diego’s personal trainers add great jump moves into their workouts, and our ladies love them because it helps lose weight and not muscle.

How are you going to build stamina to keep going through these tough workouts? Jumping for a few seconds at a time doesn’t sound like much, but when your drill sets are filled with burpees, jump squats, and followed-up with some sort of frog jump etc, after two reps you just may want to throw in the towel.

Deep consistent breaths are your best friend during your exercise. Because of the rate at which you’ll be breathing, the heart will have to do extra work to get oxygen into your bloodstream. The oxygen is what helps you power through. You may not have even thought about it, but these workouts are also extremely great for your heart and can help prevent against heart disease. The more we’re able to introduce short bursts of rapid work into our routine; we’re helping to keep our hearts active and healthy.