Do you remember when skipping rope looked like so much fun? I do! Especially that double dutch game – just hopping and jumping and moving for the fun of it… Then, I started training with a boxer. We jumped rope too – but, it wasn’t quite as fun as I remembered. More like a bunch of lash shaped bruises on the back of my thighs as I would miss a jump at a high speed and get whipped.

Enough of that, Sarah, one of our amazing boot camp instructors, is going to show you how to put the fun back into jumping rope. The high amount of calories you burn will be a bonus to the childlike fun you have doing this workout.

Before you get started, be sure to warm up and always cool down and stretch at the end of a workout.

For the workout, you’re going to do each of the following exercises for 50 reps each – yes, 50! Don’t worry, you can do it! If you have trouble starting off with 50 in a row, then build up to it. Do 10, then 20, then 30… before you know it you’ll be repeating sets of 50 reps easily.

  • Jump rope exercise #1: skip rope (left leg in front) – 50 reps
  • Jump rope exercise #2: skip rope (right leg in front) – 50 reps
  • Jump rope exercise #3: happy feet – count to 50
  • Jump rope exercise #4: speed rope – 50 reps
  • Jump rope exercise #5: ski jumps – 50 reps

There you have it! Complete this circuit as quickly as possible. For more fun, repeat this circuit and try to do it even faster, so you finish in less time. That will really get your heart rate up and calories burning!

Leave a comment and let us know how you did. How many circuits can you do in 20 minutes?