Janet has lost over 40 lbs in our boot camp and Zumba classes!

She loves the encouragement, camaraderie, support and accountability she feels with our program. She is surpassing her goals having just completed a 8.2 mile run/walk where she ran 4.5 miles. Most importantly, she has her life back!

“Bootique Fitness or Booty Camp as I like to call it has been the best decision I have ever made and well worth the money. I started at over 265 lbs and was not sure how I was going to do some of the exercises because of my bulging midriff and overall lack of fitness. From the beginning Jaylin has been so supportive, and encouraging. When I was not able to fully do the exercises, she has always shown me ways to modify them so I could continue to workout and shown me alternatives if I was having an issue with my knee or back etc.

I love that the camps have varied times so I can come when it fits my schedule whether it be before my day gets going or in the evening. It’s really great to be outdoors working out, breathing fresh air and surrounded by a diverse group of ladies. The group of women that attend these workouts are varied in age range from young 20 somethings to women my age 50’s let’s just say 😉 and beyond. All different body types from fit to not so fit.

I have never felt left out or uncomfortable and have had ladies stand alongside me encouraging me and helping me to get through the circuits, relays, and workouts with smiles and laughs. It is so uplifting to be a part of such a great group of ladies and to feel so welcome. Be prepared to have your booty kicked, and to be held accountable. The 45 minutes go by quick and you walk away feeling like you really accomplished something, and you will be drenched in sweat haha. If I don’t make it to camp I get a text asking me if I plan to attend the next one, or if I am okay.

Jaylin takes this seriously, and what I love about Bootique Fitness is that I am not a number, or a check etc. They know my name, they reach out to me, and they help me come up with workout plans when I am on the road for my job. They give me my money’s worth and I am forever grateful. They really do care about your success. They offer monthly assessments free of charge that help you to record your successes whether it be in inches or lbs! I was so embarrassed for myself before starting this program, couldn’t bend over to tie my shoe, couldn’t walk up a few stairs without getting winded, was hiding from life. Now I can do so many things and just signed up for an 8.2 mile race. So much has changed for me in 5.5 months and I have gone from a 24W to an 18. I can finally shop in some of the normal clothing stores, am not hiding from life but living it to the fullest and I owe this to Jaylin, and all the trainers at Bootique Fitness. If I can do it you can too! Get in here!”