Jamah has always been active, but she hit a plateau she couldn’t get past… until she came to train with Bootique Fitness.

I love Bootique Fitness! The trainers are fantastic! The trainers really pay attention to your specific needs an goals. Since going to bootcamp on a regular basis (5x a week), I have noticed a drastic difference in my strength. When I first started, I was able to do 15 real push-ups in a row, and last night I did 30. That is double, in only 3 weeks. You never know what the “routine” is gong to be, as each class is totally different from the last. It will always keep your body guessing! Plus I have been following their nutrition plan, and I really enjoy it! Working in nutrition myself, they really do know what they are doing.

Bootique Fitness is the real deal for any woman trying to better herself. It is a very fun and rewarding atmosphere. Absolutely worth every penny.