The exact answer to how to get fit and stay fit for the rest of the year!

Not going to let holiday season slow you down this year. Not when you’ve reached your goals by November 15th! You’re keep riding that high all the way through new year’s!

In the next 3 months, we give you the tools, the support, the guidance and accountability you need  BUT here’s the catch! You HAVE TO participate.

The GREAT NEWS is that the 90 Day Body Transformation Challenge is FREE for Boot Camp Members.

I don’t just mean coming to class. No, for this you are going to really have to PARTICIPATE.

For our last challenge, we had all the of the contestants hand in food and cardio journals every week. The one’s who actually handed in their journals LOST 3X AS MUCH FAT as the ones who didn’t. Let me tell you, it’s not because they handed it in. It’s because they took the time to journal what they were eating. It’s a marvelously simple and incredibly useful tool.

BUT I’m not going to ask you to hand in your journals this time. I’ve shown you how powerful journals are, it’s up to you to use this tool and increase the amount of fat you lose.

HERE IT IS! This is what you need to do to participate in this challenge

– ATTEND at least 3 boot camp classes a week and give 110% each and every time!

– COMMIT to a nutrition program that is designed for you.

–  BE ACTIVE in our online social community. Find support for your fellow classmates and trainers and help each other out. You can use Facebook, our blog, and our private community forum. The key is to be active! There are no individual points for this one, suffice to say, the more active you are, the better your results will be naturally and the closer you will be to the grand prize. It’s easy to connect socially…

  • Check into boot camp and congratulate others who have checked in!
  • Do the exercise videos on our blog and comment about your experience.
  • Ask questions, share recipes, invite people to do cardio with you
  • The possibilities are endless!

– BE ACTIVE on your days off from boot camp. We’re giving you our 90 Day Lean Body Program which details when and how to do fat burning cardio workouts.

 COMPLETE beginning and ending short surveys about your experience with Bootique Fitness

– ASSESS your starting and ending positions. Assessments will be mandatory for the beginning and ending of this challenge. Monthly assessments will be available but not mandatory. Mandatory assessments include weight, measurements, body fat analysis and photo.

–  SOCIALIZE with your classmates outside of class. You already know you have at least 1 thing in common – you care enough about your health and fitness to be in this boot camp program. I bet you have more in common, too! We have a couple of events planned for you to get to know each other outside of class. These events are optional but highly encouraged.

  • HIKING Next hiking date is set for Sunday, Sept 18th. We’ll be taking requests for where you want to go. We need a destination that is no longer than a 3 hour hike with a difficulty level of easy to intermediate only.
  • GROCERY TOURS We will invite small groups of 10 to tour through the grocery store with our nutritional specialist, Ed, to finally sort through the hype and make supportive food shopping easy. Schedule tbd.

– COMMIT to this challenge. To participate in this challenge, you must sign a 3 month commitment to the boot camp program. All commitments are due by Friday, August 19th.

– DETERMINE 90 day goal. What are you going to accomplish by Nov 15th? Be Realistic. Be Specific. Be Determined!

Next steps will be emailed to current members tomorrow, Monday, Aug 15th. I will outline exactly how to get started on this 90 day challenge and how to get to your goal by Nov 15th.