Should you run it off?

Many people revert to a nice good run for their cardio; it clears their mind, burns off calories, and you can do it almost anywhere. What if you want to change it up? Are those same running routes getting old? Are you hitting a plateau even if you change your pace and distance? Or maybe running just isn’t your thing.

Fact is – there are many exercises that you can practically do anywhere and anytime – but these exercises can burn more calories than running!

6 Types of Exercise That Burn More Calories Than Running

Swing It!

Kettlebell swings. You’ve never had such a good workout while standing in the same place! Using your glutes, core, and quads, you use your body’s momentum to get that kettlebell up, up and away from you. Working your way up to different weights with the kettlebells will also tone your arms and build overall muscle. Did I mention the huffing and puffing you’ll do while swinging that weight? Burn, baby, burn!

Burpees (excuse me!)

A body weight workout to top them all – the burpee. Another exercise you can do in place, and anywhere for that matter, the cardio you get from getting on the ground and jumping back up, in combo with the push up and squat – it’s a match made in fitness heaven. See how many you can do in a minute, or use it in a Tabata workout.

Jump Around

Yes – good old jump rope. Not just for the playground anymore, kids. You will work out your arms, calves, and the whole body burning calories for as long as you can do it. Play some music and jump rope to a few songs. Use it as a warm up or part of your body weight/circuit routine. Not only is it fun, but will make you feel like a kid again.


Battle ropes! Using every bit of your arm strength, along with your core and leg stance, you will feel this one for a couple days. Try singles (one arm, then the other), or doubles (at the same time) to change it up. These are as much fun as they look, and can be combined with a burpee! (Burpee ropes – do it!)

Hike It

Most every area has trails, hills, and places to hike. Grab a friend and challenge yourself to an uphiller! Bring plenty of water, some healthy snacks, and start early as to avoid as much heat as possible (during these summer months!). Try different trails in your hood or drive to another part of town and discover different paths. Trail mix it up!

Dance dance

How about a fun filled day (or night) of cardio to your favorite music without running or earbuds? Dance it off! Whether it’s a Bootique Zumba class in San Diego or a night out with the girls, you’re moving around and sweating off calories to the beat. You don’t have to travel much for this workout if you don’t like – turn up the tunes in the living room or while you’re cleaning house for a 20 minute dance break.

Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options for sufficient workouts and exercise if running isn’t your fancy. Grab a friend, or roll solo, and schedule your new and improved workout week!