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I’m a lucky one. In my line of work, I am surrounded by wonderful people every day. They are so good to me and I always feel appreciated! Just when I think it can’t get any better… I get to read these amazing reviews our boot camp members write for us online. I have to admit, I get a little teary-eyed each and every time. Reading your thoughts and feelings about the impact that our boot camp program and zumba classes have had on your life is inspirational for me and others hoping to start their journey today!

Thank you Bootique’ers! Thank you for sharing your personal stories! Thank you for insight that helps us to become a better company for you. Thank you for inspiring other women to join our community! You mean the world to me and I appreciate you all!

Yelp 5 Star Reviews of Bootique Fitness

We now have 126 boot camp reviews on yelp (including the 78 real and honest filtered reviews), and 19 more on Google. Here are just a few. See more reviews of us on Yelp and Google.  You can also see our Zumba reviews with the links below.

Erin Plummer
“I moved to San Diego almost a year ago and my biggest regret is that I didn’t find Bootique sooner! I was used to working out with friends and was really missing that here in SD. Finally, I had enough slugging through my workouts alone and decided to search for one of the bootcamps that I had seen in Mission Bay. It was Bootique! After reading all the great reviews and watching testimonials I emailed Jaylin, who very promptly returned my inquiry to try the free class. Jaylin gave me all the info I needed to get started and I went to my first class with Sarah. I knew immediately that I would be signing up! Sarah is full of energy, kind, and motivating. She always offers modifications if anyone needs them, and encourages us to push ourselves. I have also taken a few classes with Sabrina, who is equally great! I love how the workouts are always different, we never know what to expect, and they are always challenging. Even after a few short weeks I feel like part of the family and can tell I’m getting stronger. Thank you Bootique Fitness for helping me love SD even more than I already did!”

Jane Hopper
“I just had my TWO YEAR anniversary with Boutique Fitness Boot Camp, and I wish there were a 10 star rating! I love the lean muscle tone and increased energy I have from attending boot camp. I love the camaraderie that exists among all the ladies that attend. The trainers are terrific! They provide lots of encouragement and make corrections to form, and push us to our best! The workouts are ALWAYS different and ALWAYS challenging. The great thing about boot camp is that each of us works to our own individual potential. It is an amazing 45 minute workout – I can’t believe the benefits from just 45 minutes! Give this boot camp a try – like me, you may never turn back!”

Liz Marello
“Jaylin and Bootique Fitness are top notch! I recently relocated to the downtown area and as a busy professional, I was in search of just the right exercise & health regime! I found the perfect match with Bootique Fitness! The classes are quick, effective and positive! I enjoy the early am walk to the lawn by the Midway along the harbor, take class and make it home in time for conference calls or a morning commute to meet with clients! And if the am class doesn’t work, the flexibility is there to make an evening workout in Balboa Park. Lack of options is never an excuse. Jaylin offers so much more than just the class. She’s inspiring, pushes you, follows up and most importantly wants to help you achieve your personal goals! Over the years, I’ve done lots of bootcamps, lots of yoga, running, fitness challenges, etc and Bootique Fitness stands out a winner!”

Tanya Devernoe
“I started with Bootique Fitness this past May. Before joining bootcamp, my workouts consisted of mostly running and occasional cross-training. I knew I needed to change my routine, but I didn’t want to join a gym. I wanted to be outside and get my workout done first thing in the morning. That’s how I found Bootique Fitness. The morning bootcamp has been amazing for me for several reasons. The exercise, the supportive group of women, being outside, and the consistency has made me stronger both physically and mentally. The workouts are fun and effective. They change all the time which keeps it interesting. In addition to the workouts, Jaylin provides access to nutritional information, a massage therapist, and other services that support an overall healthy lifestyle. If you are ready to get healthy and meet some great women in the process, I highly recommend Bootique Fitness!”

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