It’s Monday! Feeling good? Maybe not if you went off the deep end last weekend…

It’s common, when you’re feeling serious about eating well and shedding weight, you manage to stay true to your healthy meal plan during the week… but then the weekend hits. Uh-oh…


Once you make it through another week, come Friday all you want to do is unwind… hang out with your friends, maybe kick back a few drinks or order take-out.

This is were the trouble begins. You know the more you drink, the more you want to munch. The reason alcohol makes you more hungry is because it lowers your blood sugar. And we all know alcohol limits your inhibitions, so while sober you may only have one snack serving but that one can turn into three or four when you’re under the influence.

This week, let’s make some changes. You can still enjoy unwinding with your friends over the weekend without going overboard on the calories.

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk Off Calories

Keep it light. If you want to drink less, don’t order your favorite drink. Keep it to one serving and don’t be afraid to “babysit” your drink. If you’re a wine drinker, go for a light beer. If you’re prone to shots, have a mixed drink. The idea is to enjoy what you’re drinking, just not enough to continue to down the liquid calories all night.

Put the bottoms on. Bottomless drinks have the appeal of being cheaper than ordering, say five drinks individually. However, when it comes to calories, it’s hardly a compromise. It’s better to keep track of your calories and how much you’ve had if you order each glass individually. If someone is constantly filling the glass, it’s much harder to know how much you’ve had to drink and that can cause havoc on not only your diet but your judgement as well.

Conceal snacks. It may seem a bit silly or even so simple you’ll wonder why you never did it before. But, if you’re drawn like a moth to a flame to that open bowl of peanuts at the bar, place a napkin over it. Viola. Out of sight equals out of mind. Once you’ve had enough to eat, place a napkin over the bowl at your signal to stop eating.

3 Tips to Handle Girls Night Out

When that Friday night dinner with the girls rolls around, you are more likely to eat what your friends eat. That’s great if you’re friends are eating healthy and making smart dinner choices. But, what if they’re not? Here are some tips to diet-proof your Friday night dinners.

Designated dieter, anyone? Influence works both ways: You’ll consume less if you’re with healthy eaters. Just having another calorie-conscious person with you can really help you stay on track. For added influence, sit next to your designated dieter and mull the choices together.

Be number 1. Don’t let the high-calorie food bug hit you. Be the first one to order. Making a healthy choice upfront is a great way to get your night going and establish your diet plan throughout the rest of the evening.

Know your number. If you are drinking alcohol, make a decision before you start drinking as to how many drinks you will have. You don’t want to leave this decision to be made after you’ve already had a few. When you hit your number, cut yourself off and switch to something non-alcoholic (your best bet is water). You don’t want to consume more than you need to with liquid calories.

The bonus to not loading yourself down with calories and alcohol: you won’t waste the rest of the weekend laying around hung over. Take all the extra energy and gather your friends for some real bonding time – go for a hike and cruise a bike trail.