Your Sunday Best

Ahh, Sunday… the universal day for relaxation, restoration, and of course, 10:00 am Zumba!

Sunday is also a notorious day to go grocery shopping. Why not add an extra step to that routine by planning out your meals and workouts for the workweek? It will take you an hour or less and will save much stress, planning time and frustration throughout your busy week!

How to Do Your Best on Sunday and Be Your Best All Week!

First off, plan your workouts. Print out a weekly or monthly calendar off Microsoft Word or from any free web template. Pencil in your obligations so that you know exactly where your free time lies then go from there. Mark down which day(s) will be for rest and then jot down exactly what time you will exercise for every other day. Taking note of the daily forecasts is not a terrible idea, for you will be prepared for inclement weather and can plan around it. There’s no better feeling than crossing things off your to-do list, huh? Especially when it’s exercise!

Get Your Pesky Errands and Chores Out of the Way. This means picking up that prescription you know you’ll need on Wednesday and doing all your laundry. Basically, do anything that could become an obstacle later in the week. Besides, who doesn’t love fresh workout clothes?

Pack Your Workout Gear. After they come out of the dryer smelling so fresh so clean, fold up your clothes along with hair ties, headbands, armbands, headphones, etc. and throw them in a bag so you will be ready to go whether you are heading to a workout straight from work or squeezing in a quickie on your lunch break. Don’t forget shower stuff if you are attempting the latter!

Plan Your Recipes. You know all those ones you pin on Pinterest and never look back at? Those are the ones sisters! Try and create a weekly palette that consists of similar flavors to cut down on costs and remember to include lunch friendly foods for the paper bag dish. Once you’ve planned your recipes, plan your specific meals. It sounds a little excessive but it will save you so much stress when you’re rushing out the door in the morning or trying to cook dinner for the family.

Prepare What You Can for Lunches. What are lunch `friendly foods, exactly? How about brewing up a big pot of soup and putting it in individualized Tupperware containers so you can grab and go? Or you could chop up all the ingredients for a healthy salad so that on the day of you can whip it all together and rest assured knowing you’re eating something healthy. If PBJ’s are your thing, make all five of them Sunday afternoon. Measure the amount of peanut butter you use. You could also experiment with making your own homemade jam if you want to get crafty!

If you’re not into cooking, there are plenty of quick bites such as lean deli meat for sandwiches, fat-free yogurt, light cheese sticks, microwaveable soup bowls, snack bars (look for Larabar, KIND, and Nature Valley), fresh fruit, and ready to chew veggie snack packs. Don’t forget about all those 100-calorie snack packs. Just be sure to read labels.

These are just a few of the many ways you can be more successful in dieting, weight loss, and overall health goals. If this all seems overwhelming, try to do one thing at a time until you become comfortable with incorporating all these things into your Sunday schedule. You can even get a head start Saturday if you feel like it! You’ll be feeling and looking great in no time!