We all have different types of stress we live with every day; whether it be home, work, financial worries, dealing with the varying degrees of stress can be taxing. Sometimes, we cannot eliminate the cause of the stress right away; therefore we are in a situation where we have to handle our stress while still keeping up with life. Do you have a plan to deal with stress? Have you carved out ways and picked environments where you can vent, relax, or have a quiet moment to process? You may think you don’t have time, but you can make it happen. A major downfall to holding it all in emotionally is a decline in yourself physically. One way or another, your body will get the biggest hit. Let’s make the plan of attack now so we aren’t turning to unhealthy ways to deal!


Research shows that any type of exercise will help with stress and anxiety. Regular workouts train our brain to release that stress; in particular exercises that help with coordination and agility. Stress hormones are strong, so an exercise routine that includes HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) like Bootique’s boot camp sessions, or high energy Zumba classes with Bootique, will blow off that stream and lower that cortisol (stress hormone).

Don’t sweat it? On second thought, Do sweat it!

Worry and anxiety can make us feel weak, like we can’t breathe, or just completely be debilitating to where we don’t want to move at all. Our negative thoughts take over and we are dragging ourselves deeper and deeper into Worryville. Taking just even an hour to clear your mind from the worry and give yourself a small break, can be a tremendous help and awakening. Take a walk or run around the block, headphones on, and just move. Don’t worry about where you are going or how long. Go to that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try at Bootique; an hour of time just for you to deep breathe, stretch, and sweat out the intense thoughts in your head. Although you still might have worry and anxiety, the intensity will have gone WAY down; leaving your mind free to really let go of some of that worrying you’ve been spending so much time on.

Find your purpose

Trying to follow a positive mental path and feel that you have purpose other than your normal day-to-day responsibilities is so important. Having a place to go to and people you can count on will help enormously with managing your stress. Bootique Fitness is the best place for you to not only physically work out your stressors, but can help mentally and emotionally. Those days you don’t feel like getting out of bed or going anywhere but home after work; your fellow workout buddies will be there to get you motivated and to work you through it. They know exactly the day you are having and they also know how good you will all feel afterwards. You belong to this group and just knowing you have your place to go to will instantly make you feel less stressed out.

We can’t always get rid of our stress, but we can change the way we handle it. Make your plan of attack now BEFORE the big stressors come, instead of waiting until you are in the moment. When we lack planning, we end up choosing unhealthy outlets (overeating or under exercising); all leading us back to a cycle we want to get out of. Let out the stress through the sweat and break the stress cycle!