In the midst of juice cleanses, stand up paddling, and chia seeds, you may ask yourself “What is the latest craze in the fitness and nutrition world? Well the answer my friend, is Mason Jar Salads. These cute and compact, not to mention, convenient meals are a great way to get your daily-recommended nutrient intakes and to leave a little wiggle room for anything else. To expand a little bit:

Why are Mason Jar Salads so Popular

Mason Jar Salads are Cute

Seriously, have you ever seen one of these? Look up “Mason Jar Salads” on Pinterest or anywhere else on the web and you will find a PLETHORA of these beautiful, delicious looking salads. Later on, you’ll hear more about the typical arrangement pattern you should follow but for now just know that some of these salads have the “Skittles, Taste the Rainbow” slogan totally beat.

Mason Jar Salads are Compact

Toting around a salad can be space consuming and a nuisance. You need to keep the lettuce fresh, store the other ingredients, and have a separate space for dressing to avoid sogginess. There are some new Tupperware products that attempt to do just this and are quite effective but unfortunately, they are quite small. Mason Jars are the perfect item for storing your salads. You can buy a set of them for $15 or less and you can reuse them forever. Get more bang for your buck Bootiquers!

Mason Jar Salads are Convenient

Say goodbye to the days of wishing for another arm to carry all of your things in the morning. Say hello to having an entire healthy, delicious meal inside of a mason jar. If stored correctly, you can even make all of your salads on Sunday night and save massive amounts of prep time during the workweek. Okay, enough raving about these culinary masterpieces, let’s get down to business.

How to make Mason Jar Salads

  1. Layer, layer, layer! When packing your salads, keep the organization in mind: pour the dressing in first (feel free to tote it completely separate if you wish) and any heartier fruits or vegetables that can withstand the moisture in next. Really pack the lettuce in on top.
  2. You don’t want a lot of extra space in the jar because condensation from wetter ingredients could build up, ultimately ruining your beautiful creation!
  3. Also, if you are using things like almond slices, blue cheese or sunflower seeds, just throw those in a separate to go baggy or else they will get soggy or stink up your jar. This might seem like a pain but it will save you in the long run!
  4. Don’t forget to bring a fork and also a bowl or piece of Tupperware if you are leaving home!
  5. If you really want to go crazy, invest in a vacuum-pack machine ($80-$200) but this is not necessary by any means.

How you make your mason jar salad is pretty much up to you. Just make sure you are getting lots of fruits, veggies, protein, nutrients, and overall a FILLING salad or else this won’t last you all day! Get creative, have fun, and feel full.

PS – If you need recipe ideas, check out Pinterest,,, or just Google “Mason Jar Salads” and you should be able to find one that suits your fancy. Happy hunting!