Habits and routines are what make up our day to day lives. Morning, work, family, and night time routines are what are activities revolve around. If this is the case, what is your fitness routine? Do you have one? Is it such a routine that it’s already become a habit, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower? If not, here are some sure fire ways to get fitness to become a habit in your life.

Time After Time

At least in the beginning when trying to establish a habit, you should try to work out at the same time of day. 7:15 am boot camp? Zumba at 5:30 pm? Whichever you choose, try and make it for the same time of day and at least 30 minutes of exercise. Try this for about 30 days. Soon you will find you feel weird if you aren’t working out at these specific times. Feel free to change up the activity so you don’t get bored, but you will soon see how your body will crave the special time you are spending taking care of your body!

What A Pair

Fitting in exercise sometimes is easier when you pair it up with another activity or errand. Have your favorite show to catch up on? Do some abs or a leg work on the carpet while tuning in. Set a Tabata timer and do some squats before getting ready for bed. Cooking dinner? You have time before that oven timer goes off, so get to a Bootique Fitness Zumba video or a 20-30 minute bodyweight workout from our blog. When the timer rings, you have not only finished dinner but managed to plug in a great workout!

Speaking of Pairs…

A habit can be easily established when someone else is in the mix with you. Grab a friend, partner, family member, or co-worker and set days and times to get active. More than likely, you will be helping them to be kept accountable as well! Set a reminder on your phone for an after dinner walk every night with your partner or roommate. Set a gym or workout schedule to meet a friend 3 times a week at the same time for a catch up session mixed in with a sweat session. Enlist your coworker for a lunchtime walk every day at work. Grabbing a partner in crime for daily and weekly fitness make you more likely to do them. Pair up!

Something New

Starting up a habit and routine can feel monotonous, so plug in something new to try for your workouts. Always wanted to try yoga? Sign up for a twice a week class in the morning or after work; accountability is already built in because of like-minded people in class and you are putting your money where your mouth is! Do the same with anything you have wanted to try or you really enjoy: Zumba, sports, boxing – anything that will make it a fresh experience. Who knows, you may discover a whole new fitness habit in something new!

They say old habits die hard; so make fitness a habit, and you will never have to worry about fitting it in again!