Are you feeling unsupported by your sports bra? Wearing a sports bra that doesn’t fit can lead to excessive bounce, back strain and an uncomfortable experience when it comes to working out.

Well endowed ladies in particular tend to have a harder time finding supportive, comfortable and feminine sports bras. If you find the support… it feels like a straight jacket. If you find the comfort… it’s not at all feminine. Where’s the fun in that?

You deserve to look and feel your best! Especially when you’re working hard on your fitness.

We’ve surveyed our ladies and completed the research. Here are the top 6 best sports bras for women with big busts as recommended by the women in our San Diego Boot Camps.

Moving Comfort

The name speaks for itself! Not only are these bras comfortable, but they come in many different colors and styles. From racer backs to tank top styles, and black to patterns, there is one for you. Sizes come in 44 DD to 40 E! With bra names like Stabilize, Secure and Control, these bras are sure to get the job done in any workout situation. Prices range from $48-$58. You’ll find these at most major sports stores like Road Runner, Sports Chalet and Dicks Sporting Goods. You can also shop online at Moving Comfort.

Victoria’s Secret

Now we know the secret Victoria’s been talking about! These large chest sports bras are amazing. Their designs and color choices grab the eye, but their fit and support is what takes the cake. Almost like a bra within a bra, the front zip up closure keeps everything in without you looking or feeling like you are being suffocated. With adjustable straps and sizes up to DDD, you will get a few to match their cute workout shorts, tops, and pants to match. Price range: $39-$65 – take advantage of their sales online and in store!


Going by the endearing name of the “Ta Ta Tamer” – the name may be silly but the support is not. Highest price is $59, which is pretty comparable to the others, and offer “C-E cups for ladies who want high support, more comfort, and less bounce when they’re sweating hard”. Sounds good to us! Lululemon stores are downtown San Diego, Mission Valley and La Jolla.

Under Armour

These bras start at $24 and go up to a 40DDD; can’t beat that price or support! The colors and patterns aren’t the same variety as the other sport bra brands, but if you want to try out different styles and the “Bounce Test” on the cheap, these bras are for you! Shop at the Under Armour store and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Road Runner

Claiming the tittle as “The World’s Best Running Bras”, Road Runner has something to prove – and it seems they have! This bra has the largest range of sizes available: 28DD-40HH! Bearing the name “The Shock Absorber”, the bras still come in blues, pinks, and other fun colors. Made with “Flexire” and wicked material, this seems like the best bra for high intensity workouts. Unfortunately, the higher the size, the pricier it gets. Prices: $54-$79 – always keep an eye out for their sales as well!

Road Runner is also known for excellent customer service when it comes to trying on sports bras and finding the right fit.

She Fit

There’s a new kid on the block. The Shefit Sports Bra is the first totally custom adjustable, high impact sports bra that gives women of all shapes and sizes the support and lift they need. From sizes small to 4Luxe, the Shefit sports bra is designed to help women who struggle with excessive bounce or back or shoulder strain.

Don’t let a bad sports bra interfere with your fitness progress! A good sports bra may be pricey (no matter what size you wear), but the investment is well worth the outcome. With many sizes, materials, colors, and fits to choose from, let the bosom do the talking.

Looking for more info? Here’s another great resource on choosing the perfect bra.

Happy Moving!