About 3 weeks ago, many of our boot campers started a 90 day Sexy Bikini Body Challenge. Most of them are showing up for boot camp, turning in their food journals, doing their cardio workouts, holding each other accountable and moving towards your weight loss goals. However, there are still some women who may be experiencing a mini-burnout of sorts. If you find yourself in the later category, there’s no need to worry. Even the most dedicated fitness gurus lose motivation at times. The key is not to beat yourself up over it and instead find ways to motivate yourself.

How to motivate yourself to reach your fitness goals

1. Realize that your goals really are possible

Even if you need to lose 100 pounds, you can do it. Breaking your goals into smaller, more manageable numbers will help make you feel like you’re making progress over time. To find encouragement, look to stories of people who had similar goals and achieved them. Read up on some of the ways they made it happen and maybe incorporate a few of those tips into your fitness journey.

2. Avoid temptation

If only it were so easy, right? However, avoiding temptation is easier than you think when you plan ahead. Bring healthy snacks to work so you can avoid indulging in the coffee and donuts that may be readily available. Bring your own dish to a potluck or get together with friends. Also, when heading to a restaurant check the website to view the online menu (if possible) and choose your entree before you arrive. There are all kinds of ways to avoid temptation with a little strategy!

3. Keep making small changes

Change is great when it’s long-lasting. The best way to create life-long changes is to do it little by little. Too much change can be stressful and leave you running back to your old comfortable and familiar habits. Eating right, exercising and taking a good quality multi-vitamin are some simple steps to help you along the way.

4. Keep it simple sweetie

If you want to know what foods to eat, keep it simple. If the food wasn’t around centuries ago, then it’s probably best to stay away from it. That would include a lot of processed foods and snacks and that’s not a bad thing. Revamping your diet to consist of more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats is one way to jump-start your healthy living journey. Occasionally, you may want to have some unhealthy snacks and that’s okay too. Just remember that the more good foods you put into your body, the less likely you will be to want those other foods.

Motivation can be a process and likely yours will continue to rise and fall, but you can set yourself up for success by using these tips when you feel your motivation dropping.